Google apparently releasing a new messaging client with chatbots


A recent rumor spoke of how #Google #Hangouts could lose its ability to send and receive SMSes. It is now being said that Google could be looking towards releasing a new messaging client, with the chat bots functionality in tow. This would allow users to ask questions from the bots and get results directed from Google Search.

It is said that Google might even enable support for third party chat bots so that the users can access the offering even from other apps. It still appears to be early days, so it’s still too early for us to comment on its feasibility.

But it seems like this plan could go well with the proposed closure of SMS/MMS on Hangouts and have Messenger as a standalone messaging app. But does it make sense for the Mountain View giant to launch a third messaging client? That’s something for only time to tell. For now though, we suggest you take this report with a pinch of salt as there’s barely anything in the means of a confirmation.

Source: WSJ

Via: Android and Me