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Galaxy Note 4 cannot add text to MMS after updating, other SMS MMS issues

As promised, we continue to share other #GalaxyNote4 SMS and MMS issues taken from letters of our TheDroidguy community.

Below are the specific topics mentioned in this article today:

  1. Galaxy Note 4 cannot add text to MMS after updating to Android Lollipop
  2. Galaxy Note 4 cannot send text message to one particular number
  3. Galaxy Note 4 poor reception problem
  4. Galaxy Note 4 messaging app freezes when texting
  5. Galaxy Note 4 cannot attach picture to MMS

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Problem #1: Galaxy Note 4 cannot add text to MMS after updating to Android Lollipop

If you can be of any assistance with these issues I would very much appreciate it. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which is now fully updated to the newest software, Android Version 5.1.1. The security patch level is 2015-11-01.  When I did this update it told me I would never be able to downgrade due to the security patch. Also it is a T Mobile phone.

What I am finding is that since this upgrade there are some things that are different in the way MMS is working. For instance, when I am in my text message thread and sending a message to someone, if I click the paper clip on the left side and then attach an image, when I select the image it automatically sends the picture, without putting it into the message or allowing me to add any text. It also sends it so fast you have no way to remove it if you in fact chose the wrong photo. That could be dangerous, and I liked it better when I could just attach the photo into the text and add my own words then send it myself. 

Another feature that is now missing is when I was typing a message to someone before, I could press the 3 dots on the top right corner and then there was an option to choose “add slide”.  I would choose that when I wanted to convert my SMS to an MMS message, if it was longer and I wanted it to appear as one message.  That option is gone totally. 

I have been all through the settings and I don’t see any way to put any of this back to how it was before.  Can you please help me?

Thanks. — Christina

Hey there…I’m having an issue with my Note 4 when sending text messages with attachments. While in a text message and selecting add attachment I click on an image in my gallery it automatically sends.. which will, inevitably, cause a problem should I click on a wrong one by mistake. This did not happen before a recent  unrequested update. Please advise me on how to change the settings (or whatever) so that I can review my message and press send BEFORE the image actually sends. Thanks much. — Brianna

Solution: Hi Christina and Brianna. We noticed this problem with other T-Mobile subscribers several months back and it’s interesting to know that it still exists even up to now. Apparently, the issue is not device related but rather a poor coding glitch for T-Mobile’s Android Lollipop version. At this time, there are only two potential solutions that we know of:

  • turning off voLTE, and
  • doing a factory reset

To disable voLTE, just follow these steps:

  • Tap Phone > Keypad tab.
  • Tap More options > Settings.
  • Tap Call > Voice over LTE settings.
  • Tap Use VoLTE when available or Do not use VoLTE.

If turning off voLTE won’t make any difference, try doing a factory reset. Here’s how:

  • Turn off the Galaxy Note 4 completely.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up and the Home keys together, then press and hold the Power key.
  • When the Note 4 vibrates, release both the Home and Power keys but continue holding the Volume Up key.
  • When the Android System Recovery shows on the screen, release the Volume Up key.
  • Using the Volume Down key, highlight ‘wipe data / factory reset’ and press the Power key to select it.
  • Now highlight ‘Yes — delete all user data’ using the Volume Down key and press the Power key to begin the reset.
  • When the master reset is complete, highlight ‘Reboot system now’ and hit the Power key.
  • The Note 4 will restart but it will be longer than usual. When it reaches the Home screen, then begin your setup.

These procedures may or may not fix the second issue as well. Otherwise, we recommend that you let T-Mobile know about these issues so they can tweak their firmware or release a patch to fix them.

Problem #2: Galaxy Note 4 cannot send text message to one particular number

I just did a software update from Lollipop 5.0.1 to Lollipop 5.1.1 and now having issues when only texting one specific number, which happens to be my girlfriend. I’ve tried resetting my phone, clearing out my data and caches from both the messaging app and keyboard app (I use the factory version of both), and even have attempted to delete the messaging thread I have with my girlfriend. Needless to say nothing has worked and when I’ve attempted to delete the message thread or all messages to see if it would help it freezes on the delete and the messaging app stops responding. I’m hoping it’s not a firmware issue and trying to avoid doing a hard reset. — Anthony

Solution: Hi Anthony. System updates can sometimes lead to unforeseen issues. We can’t say for sure if your issue can be resolved without doing a factory reset unless you try it. You can however try to delete the cache partition first and see if that will make any difference. Here’s how:

  • Turn off the Galaxy Note 4 completely.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up and the Home keys together, then press and hold the Power key.
  • When the Note 4 vibrates, release both the Home and Power keys but continue holding the Volume Up key.
  • When the Android System Recovery shows on the screen, release the Volume Up key.
  • Using the Volume Down key, highlight the option ‘wipe cache partition’ and press the Power key to select it.
  • When the wiping of the cache partition is finished, highlight ‘Reboot system now’ and hit the power key.

Problem #3: Galaxy Note 4 poor reception problem

Cell reception bars are low. 1 bar or none. BUT i still can get or make calls. When i make a call, or get a call, the bars go up to where they should be. Almost as if the bars are “asleep” until it’s time to make or get a call.

Do you know if there is a sleep or standby mode my phone may be in? Maybe a battery save mode that does not search/display reception until it has to?

I’ve reset device. Removed battery, wiped phone, but the reception bars are still about 1 small bar. I can still make and take calls. Thanks for any help. — Willie

Solution: Hi Willie. There is no such thing as standby mode for signal reception. Either there’s a network glitch causing poor reception on your Note 4, or there’s a device-related bug that prevents “true” signal bars from showing properly in the notification bar. To know which of them is the cause of the issue, we highly recommend that you do a factory reset. This is really the only effective solution that you can try on your end. If that won’t make any difference, the next best thing to do is to call your wireless carrier for advice. Better still, try asking for a replacement if still under warranty.

Problem #4: Galaxy Note 4 messaging app freezes when texting

When I am texting the screen freezes in the middle of texting. It takes 30 seconds to get it to go back to your keyboard. It takes about the same time after pressing send to see the message you sent and when it finally shows it still says sending. It won’t allow me to use the voice option either. It will freeze up and once you have exited out of the messaging screen the keyboard still shows up on the home screen until you press the home button again or click on anything else. I only have that problem in the messaging part since the update this week. I can use the voice option for Google searches etc.

Also some of my texts won’t come in until hours after they were sent. My bill is up to date so that isn’t a problem. I have reset it multiple times including a soft reset but no such luck. I would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks for your time. — Rachael

Solution: Hi Rachael. An easy solution for issues like yours is handy. Deleting the messaging app’s cache and data will fix the issue. These are steps to do it:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Proceed to Applications.
  • Select Manage Applications.
  • Tap the All tab.
  • Look for the messaging app and tap it.
  • From there, you will see the Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons.

Problem #5: Galaxy Note 4 cannot attach picture to MMS

Cannot attach picture to text message. Normally from “Photos” I attach a specific picture to a text by selecting share at bottom (little Y icon) at bottom of picture, then select “messages” (yellow note sticking out of envelope) and the picture attaches to text before adding addresses and text message. For the last couple days everytime I try this I get a message stating “unable to attach file”. What gives?

I am also not able to attach a picture from the messages app, that is, when I tap the paper clip then select images or photos and tap on selected photo, I get the note that says unable to attach file. Please help. — David

Solution: Hi David. If this problem occurred after an update, make sure to clear the cache partition  and do a factory reset (steps provided above). Sometimes, the system cache gets corrupted after an update so making sure that the device uses a new set of cache is highly recommended. It’s an indispensable solution if issues involves updates and apps. It’s also an advisable maintenance procedure that must be done regularly to prevent bugs.

Factory reset is also an effective solution if there’s no discernable difference after wiping the cache.



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  1. Here is the fix for AT&T phones. You have to turn off AT&T’s advanced messaging; under settings; under the messages tab.

    I can run AT&T’s video call and AT&T’s wifi call fine. But if you turn on advanced messaging it will not allow text to be added to your mms text. It just sends the pict or whatever attachment you’ve selected. This is for Note 4 running Marshmallow 6.1. I have tried this back and forth several times and this is the fix.

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