[Deal] SHARKK Boombox and Waterproof Bluetooth speakers now selling with a 50% discount

Shark Bluetooth Water Proof Speakers

As part of the Gold Box Deal of the Day, #Amazon is now offering two very capable Bluetooth speakers at half the price. The retailer is selling the SHARKK Boombox as well as the SHARKK water resistant shower speakers for $39.99 and $42.99 respectively.

The pricing is only valid today, so make sure you hop on board real quick before the clock strikes 12. There’s another 10 hours left in the deal at the time of this writing, which should be enough to help you make the decision.


These speakers will go along really well for your outdoor excursions or picnics. The water resistant model is particularly interesting given that it can output great audio during rains or even a shower. Strangely the SHARKK Boombox is only available in a black variant at this price and the white version will set you back by $64.99 (which is a $25 discount on the original asking price).

As far as Bluetooth speakers go, you can’t get them for any cheaper than this right now.