[Deal] Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge available for under $450

Galaxy S6 edge

The #Samsung #GalaxyS6 and the #GalaxyS6edge are now on sale courtesy of online retailer eBay. The two 2015 Samsung flagships can be bought for very cheap thanks to this deal. Both devices are selling for just under $450, which makes this a very attractive deal, especially if you’re in the market for a flagship device.

The Galaxy S6 is going for a smooth $441, while the S6 edge can be yours for just $449.99, which is a miserly $9 more than the standard model. Naturally, the S6 edge will be more favored here given that it packs a gorgeous curved display panel that can offer some nifty features like notifications and other crucial info on the edge of the display.

There is one caveat with the Galaxy S6 edge here though. It comes manufacturer refurbished and has a 30 day guarantee, so this deal is only meant for those who don’t mind owning¬†units that have been used before. The Galaxy S6 however is brand new here and comes in the official retail packaging, although only the Gold color variant is on offer. The S6 edge on the other hand is available in Gold, White as well as Black.

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Galaxy S6 from eBay for $441

Galaxy S6 edge from eBay for $449.99