[Deal] HTC Re Camera and other accessories selling with big discounts for Christmas

RE Camera Deal

The #HTC #RECamera can be bought with a 60% discount from HTC starting today, which brings down the pricing to just $80. The company is also offering price cuts on a variety of accessories for Christmas, so there’s plenty of savings on offer from the company this Holiday season.

In order to avoid hoarding, HTC is limiting the purchase of the RE Camera to three per person and 10 accessories or other items per customer.

The deal also includes free 2 day shipping, which means it should arrive in time for Christmas. Knowing how HTC offers a multitude of discounts every Tuesday as part of HTC Deals, it’s not surprising that the company has decided to unveil these deals today.

There are plenty of accessories on offer, so you can get something even if you don’t own an HTC handset. As for the RE Camera, it can pair with an Android or iOS device using a dedicated app, so a wide range of customers stand to benefit from this handy camera.

Source: HTC Hot Deals

Via: GSM Arena