AT&T supposedly has 27 million VoLTE subscribers

AT&T NumberSync

AT&T has proudly announced that it is currently number one as far as VoLTE subscribers are concerned. The carrier supposedly covers 295 million customers in the U.S., although only 27 million are signed up to use VoLTE services. Regardless, this is a big figure for the carrier and gives it a leg up over the competition.

The carrier has also mentioned that it has managed to place its first cross-carrier VoLTE call, but it failed to provide specifics on that front. This essentially means that the network managed to make a VoLTE call to another network, which was said to be a work in progress by rival carrier Verizon. It was previously said that the two carriers were working together to bring this to fruition.

While we’re still awaiting details on that front, it’s good to see that AT&T is pushing forward on the VoLTE front. VoLTE allows customers to make and receive calls using their LTE networks, which offers audio in HD clarity, thus giving users a significantly enhanced experience. Are you a subscriber of this service? Let us know.

Source: AT&T

Via: Droid Life

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