AT&T now selling Samsung Gear S2 with NumberSync for $99.99 on contract

Gear S2

The AT&T #NumberSync technology lets customers use the same number across a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets and even wearables as of recently. The carrier has now added the #Samsung #GearS2 to this list as the newest device to support the feature.

AT&T is offering the device on a two year service agreement carrying a price of $99.99, which is pretty attractive, but might not be for everybody given the lengthy duration of the contract. Existing users of the Gear S2 on AT&T will get support for NumberSync with an update sent out by the carrier, so they won’t be left out.

The Gear S2 is currently retailing for $299 (or $249 thanks to this deal), which makes it a very good value. However, getting it with a two year contract makes it a whole different ball game for the customers. Would you be willing to get the device on contract or opt to get the full retail model with a NumberSync update on the horizon? Sound off below.

Source: AT&T

Via: Droid Life