Upcoming HTC flagship to feature Snapdragon 820, drop the M10 moniker

HTC One M9

With #HTC releasing the widely unsuccessful #OneM9 earlier this year, many hoped its fortunes would change with the One A9 that was launched not so long ago.

However, the device turned out to be yet another midrange offering, so the focus is now firmly set on the company’s 2016 flagship. A new revelation on Twitter is telling us that HTC will be using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 silicon with the smartphone, which is no surprise given that the manufacturers are hurrying to use the new chipset.

The revelation also tells us that the smartphone will not be known as the One M10 as we initially believed. It is not known what the company will end up calling the smartphone, but we can rule out the One M10 moniker at this point.

HTC received a lot of flak for the design of the One A9 smartphone given its familiarity with the iPhone. But the company has already defended its move by claiming that it was not forged from Apple and that all their future products might use a similar design strategy.

Source: @Ricciolo1 – Twitter

Via: Phone Arena