Unable to unlock Galaxy S6 without a factory reset among other power charging issues

Have you experienced being locked out from your new #GalaxyS6? One of our community members did and it’s not nice. We post her experience here together with other related issues to give some directions to Android community.

These are the topics we cover in this post today:

  1. Unable to unlock Galaxy S6 without a factory reset
  2. Water-damaged Galaxy S6 won’t turn on normally
  3. Power Sharing app issue on Galaxy S6
  4. New Galaxy S6 won’t charge and power on

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Problem #1: Unable to unlock Galaxy S6 without a factory reset

I cannot believe that there has not been an uproar about this issue. I have been password locked out of my phone which never had a password or swipe pattern. It happened while I was travelling and entering  a password for a secured Wi-Fi. A message popped up about enhanced security or something like that and whatever I typed in I had to type it in twice. Then when  the screen timed out I could no longer just swipe from left to right to get into my phone. I have to type in the password and every time I get the message that this is the wrong password. After 5 attempts I get told that I have incorrectly typed in the password and wait 30 sec before trying again.

I have unsaved photos of my granddaughter that I want. My contacts and my S Notes would also be helpful. However, I am told that I can never have these because the only way to get my phone back or eliminate the enter the password message requires a hard factory reset which destroys or rather “kills” my life in my phone.

I am not alone. I have read about too many similar situations. Samsung, my carrier, Google do not give a hoot other than so sorry. It is my phone. I can prove it. I have the original box and sales receipt! And there is no system in place by the big three monsters to allow me access to my own phone.

Yeah anyone can steal my phone. I can lock my phone via Google. And I can factory reset my phone via Samsung, Google or my carrier so no one else can get my data. But I cannot get my own data. Something is wrong with this picture. The person who stole my phone cannot get my data BUT they can do a factory reset (the web is boiling with how to videos and web pages) and suddenly they have a brand new phone that they can use or sell. But I can not get past the broken Android Device Manager to access my own phone just because I put in some password that I cannot remember because I probably typed it in correctly and I was caught off guard.

And where is this information stored on my phone? It cannot even be retrieved by forensics. It is my phone!!!! and I am being denied access. — Genevieve

Solution: Hi Genevieve. We’re truly sorry to hear your situation but there’s simply nothing that we can do to help you. Samsung’s security feature allows for some user error by providing another way to verify if the one entering the unlock code is the owner or not.

Samsung gives users several chances to enter the code before temporarily locking out the phone and proceeding to the next security level. We know that once you have used up the allowed attempts to enter the code, you can still unlock the phone using your Google Account credentials. This is with the assumption that you know your Google account credentials, of course. If you forget your Google account password, there’s nothing that Samsung can do about it. You have to visit Google website on another device and try to recover your credentials if possible before attempting to log in again.

Another method to bypass the security of your locked phone is via Samsung Find My Mobile service. Unfortunately, this method only works if your phone is connected to the internet before it gets locked out. If you’re out of luck and the phone is offline, this won’t work obviously.

The next thing to do is simply do a factory reset. But this method may not also help you either if your device is protected by Factory Reset Protection lock feature. In that case, your best bet will be to call Samsung again and ask for help. We can’t think of a valid reason why Samsung will not assist you if you can prove that you’re the owner of the device.

Problem #2: Water-damaged Galaxy S6 won’t turn on normally

Hello. I was wondering if you could help me (please!) – I woke up this morning to find water droplets and some condensation in between my (clear) phone back cover and the phone. The phone was off and would not display the sign that it needed to be charged. I put it in the charger and it displayed the grey charging symbol, then quickly the charging symbol turned green and read 100% (charged). The phone turned on normally though it seemed a bit slow to do so. It seemed normal but as soon as I took it off the charger it turned off. I took out the SIM card out and saw the water damage indicator had indeed changed color. It’s currently in a bowl of rice – do you think this is just a battery issue and that I can just get it replaced? Is there a chance It will work again if I leave my phone in rice for a few days? Thank you!!! — Malaz

Solution: Hi Malaz. The new Galaxy S6 is not water-resistant like its predecessor so some moisture may have found their way inside and caused problems with some components. There’s no telling what the affected component or components are unless the phone is opened. We recommend that you turn off the phone and bring it to a local shop or a Samsung store for a check up. There’s nothing more that you can do at this point than that.


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Problem #3: Power Sharing app issue on Galaxy S6

Hello. I’m in the UK and on Vodafone network using the Galaxy S6. Recently, my Galaxy S6 updated to the latest software. The phone was fine for about 3/4 days. Last night when connecting my charger nothing was happening. I unplugged it and re-plugged the charger back and still nothing. But then my phone reset on its own and it was charging.

I woke up this morning to a message relating to the power sharing app (of which I’ve never downloaded but is somehow installed on my phone). I tried to un-install it but there was no option ..tried changing the administration rights for the app but it wasn’t there. i started to research the app online and some people say its giving them charging issues so i decided to see if my phone would charge this morning and it was doing the same thing as the previous day.

I’m finding very little online about solutions to the issue.. I’ve followed advice on your site.. I did a reset (still didn’t work)…tried the deleting of cache which didn’t work at first but then my phone started to charge but kept saying charger connected over and over as if i was repeatedly putting the cable in the phone. When i disconnect the cable, the screen goes black and gives me a little grey “x” in the bottom right hand corner before returning to the normal screen. I have also tried different chargers and cables with no success.

Since then my phone hasn’t been charging but it keeps turning the screen on and off and showing that black screen with the grey cross without me touching the phone.

Hope this makes sense ! and that you can help! Cheers. — Joe

Solution: Hi Joe. If you’ve followed most of the suggestions from our previous post but the issue remains, make sure that you disable Samsung apps on your phone that may have something to do with this app. This problem does not occur in our own S6 in our lab so it must only be happening on select units, or on devices from certain carriers. (Each carrier customizes Android to fit their set of services so the problem may be found on one carrier while users from others do not hear of it).

We have documented a lot of these cases in our posts before so try to see if any of our solutions will work in your case.

Problem #4: New Galaxy S6 won’t charge and power on

I bought my phone from Amazon SM-G925F unlocked with the intent to use it in my forthcoming trip to Europe. For several days I use it with a SIM card of a local provider without any problems. Today, in an attempt to enter a password  for Wi-Fi, the phone screen froze. I turned off the phone and when I tried to turn it on, it refused. I tried all the combinations that you specified for different modes of operation, but the phone is not working. Before totally off the battery was 45% loaded.

When I put the phone on the device for wireless charging, the phone showed no reaction and device charging indicator light showed. Please give your advice on how to fix it? Thank you in advance. — Rayna

Solution: Hi Rayna. If the phone no longer responds to any hardware key combinations, I doubt if there’s still anything that you can do. While rare, it’s not unheard of that a battery may simply discharge completely and refuse to take in more charge afterwards. If you’ve tried using another wired charger or another wireless charger, the phone’s battery may have simply died on your. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to replace the battery so make sure to have the phone checked by Samsung (to avoid voiding the warranty).



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