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Two IP addresses on Galaxy S4 prevents online banking transaction, other app issues

Here’s another post that deals with app problems on a #GalaxyS4. We are yet to publish more posts like this in the future so keep watching for them.

These are the specific topics discussed in this article:

  1. Galaxy S4 battery drain issue due to apps
  2. Unable to install APK file on Galaxy S4
  3. Galaxy S4 loses internet connection when trying to open Amazon App or Google Play Store
  4. Missing app functionality when installed on Galaxy S4
  5. Two IP addresses on Galaxy S4 prevents online banking transaction

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Problem #1: Galaxy S4 battery drain issue due to apps

My phone admittedly has probably too many apps and since my phone is not currently rooted I am constantly have to close apps but of course 5 minutes later they are all up again eating battery power to where I can get about 2-3 hours out of my phone if I use it which, is the point of purchasing one to use it and not spending all day closing apps that are running.

I am an ex-techie but from years ago so I’m not up to date and never worked with phones only PCs and networking. I am read to take the plunge and get the damn thing rooted. I love your Drippler do’s and don’ts and everything in between.

So, I tried rooting using an APK app? Towelroot? But my phone won’t allow me to work around it so I wanted to disable or uninstall the virus detection apps since that’s what is interfering. I guess I am asking is that the right way or only way or are there other options and which app would you recommend I use. Thanks so much for your expertise and love your articles. Hope to hear from you soon, time is of the essence for me. — Amber

Solution: Hi Amber. Fast battery drain issue is usually caused by a combination of factors so what you want to do first is to minimize the possible reasons. Doing so requires a number of things to tweak on your S4 as detailed in our previous post. If adjusting all the relevant settings and features don’t seem to change anything, consider a battery replacement.

Your phone’s power source is limited and can only last after a few hundred charging cycles. if you’ve been using your S4 for over a year now, there’s a chance that the battery has simply lost significant capacity to hold a charge. Keep in mind that the older the battery, the lower its capacity becomes. This is often the main reason why older devices appears to be draining power fast.

We don’t think rooting your phone to address battery drain issue can be an effective solution (unless you have done the suggestions above). Instead of rooting, consider doing a factory reset instead and get rid unused apps. If you haven’t done a factory reset on your S4 before, these are the steps to do it:

  • Turn the phone off completely.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons.
  • Release the Power button when the phone vibrates but continue holding on to the Volume Up and Home buttons.
  • When the Android System Recovery screen appears, release both the Home and Volume Up buttons.
  • Using the Volume Down key, highlight ‘wipe data / factory reset.’
  • Press the Power button to select it.
  • Using the Volume Down button again, highlight ‘delete all user data.’
  • Press the Power key to select it.
  • Once the reset is complete, choose ‘Reboot system now.’
  • Press the Power button to restart the phone.

Problem #2: Unable to install APK file on Galaxy S4

I cannot get the Samsung Galaxy App to install. (This is the app that was rebranded from Samsung Apps Marketplace). I am able to download it. It is called v1.1.5-5_GalaxyApps-phone-full-release.apk.

I find this in my download files folder. When I hit install it acts like it is installing then it says “xApp not installed.”

There were 2 options for the download from Samsung. One was “phone” and if that doesn’t work it says to do “reinstall phone”. That resulted in 2 downloads in my download folder. Both called the same as above v.1.5-5…the only difference is that one has a New_ at the beginning and one has a Old_ at the beginning. I have 2.41GB available for phone storage so I don’t think it is that.

Thank you so much! — Jackie

Solution: Hi Jackie. There are a number of reasons why an APK file won’t install. APK files are the equivalent of .EXE files used for installing programs on a Windows computer. You have to make sure that the APK file you are trying to install is compatible with the current Android version. Windows operating system won’t usually install .EXE files if they are incompatible and the same is true for Android environment. Also, some APK files are designed to be installed for rooted devices only.

Another reason for the installation failure may be the condition of the file itself. Corrupted or damaged package files obviously won’t work most of the time. Try to make sure that you are downloading the correct set of files from a trusted source to ensure its integrity.

Security software like antivirus or Google’s or your carrier’s own security apps can block installation without any visible prompt. If installing this app is worth the hassle, consider doing a factory reset and reinstall it to check if an added security software (that you may have forgotten at this time) is the cause.

As possible solutions, you try doing the following:

  • Enable “Unknown sources” under Security settings. Go to Settings>More tab>Security. Make sure that the Unknown sources box is ticked. Confirm the option before going back to the Home screen and attempt another re-installation.
  • Manually copy the APK file to relevant folder. To do this, simply copy the APK to /data/app/ directory then reboot the phone.
  • Wipe the Dalvik Cache (if you are rooted) or do a factory reset (steps provided above).

Problem #3: Galaxy S4 loses internet connection when trying to open Amazon App or Google Play Store

My phone keeps saying check your connection and try again when I try to open The Amazon App Store and Google Play Store. My WI-FI and 4G connections are fine. This problem keeps happening. Clearing the cache and data do not work. Re-booting the phone doesn’t work. Toggling Airplane Mode doesn’t work either. Turning off WI-FI and just using 4G doesn’t work.

My phone connects to my e-mail and browsers, so I know my connection is okay. I’m at a loss as to how to deal with this (other than going back an iPhone, which seems, at this point, to be my only alternative for dealing with these constant problems).

I’d be extremely grateful if you knew a way to get my phone to behave. Thanks so much! — Meryl

Solution: Hi Meryl. There may be a firmware-level glitch behind this trouble. We can’t know for certain though what it might be but you can easily fix it by wiping the phone clean via factory reset. Please follow the procedure above on how to do it.

Factory reset will delete everything on your phone’s primary storage so make sure to create a copy of your personal data (photos, videos, contacts, etc) before proceeding.

Problem #4: Missing app functionality when installed on Galaxy S4

My sister and I have exactly the same phone, same software, etc. All updates completed. I have checked our settings to make sure they are the same. (At least all I know to check). I downloaded a free music app (MP3 Music Download Best for Android) and I have full functionality on my phone but, the same app on her phone does not have full functionality. She gets no search results. I downloaded the app on a very old phone and it has full functionality.  I am at a loss. Is it the phone? Is it a setting? Any ideas? — Susan

Solution:  Hi Susan. Have you tried re-installing the app to possible eliminate the bug? If that won’t work, the best party you must contact should be the developer. If you get the app from Google Play Store, go back to the app installation page, scroll down to the bottom part, and look for the contact details of the app developer.

Doing so may not only help you in the process but will also make the developer become aware of the bug (so they can provide a fix for other devices as well).

Problem #5: Two IP addresses on Galaxy S4 prevents online banking transaction

My mobile banking app recently upgraded and released a new version. The old app was great and I had no problems with it.  In fact, it was so easy to use and was very efficient.  When I uninstalled the old app and installed the new app (on instructions from my bank), I was unable to make deposits on my phone. I received a message saying “RDC Unavailable: invalid depositor IP address.” I contacted the bank and they had no idea why I kept getting this message after I hit “submit deposit” on my mobile app.  All other aspects of the app worked fine.

My bank suggested that I update my software on my phone. So I updated the software to Android 5.0.  After that, not only did the banking app deposit action STILL not work, but I started having other issues with my phone such as not being able to send group texts or picture messages.  After many conversations with both the bank and Verizon Wireless, I was issued a new Galaxy S4, Android 4.4.2 version. 

I have not installed any new apps except my banking app and I am still not able to make deposit.  A few days ago my bank contacted me saying that my phone is producing 2 IP addresses when making a deposit and that is the problem, and there is nothing they can do since the problem is with my phone.  SO, can you tell me how I can make my phone stop producing 2 IP addresses? I have no problem using any other app on my phone. Sorry this is so long, but you asked for a detailed description! ( : — Wendie

Solution: Hi Wendie. We’ve encountered this same problem in many other forums but you are our first reader to actually report and request for assistance. To be frank, this issue can be tricky to resolve especially that we don’t have much information at hand. We need other details like the exact IP addresses for your device (must be provided by your bank as they claimed that this is the cause for the constant transaction failure), information for your local network (if you are using Wi-Fi when making a deposit), among other phone-specific data. Since we can’t obviously get them again from you soon, we suggest that you try calling the relevant technical support team that might assist you troubleshoot the phone or your network.

If you are using your home Wi-Fi when trying to make a deposit, try calling your internet service provider (NOT your mobile internet service provider) to help you check if there’s a router-specific setting or glitch that may be behind this. We can’t give more specific things to suggest as they depend on your network and device. Some Android devices tend to show two IP addresses when on Wi-Fi so the most likely problem stems from a router or local network bug, that’s why the issue persisted even after you received a replacement phone.

If you don’t use Wi-Fi when making online deposit, consider calling Verizon Wireless technical support team so they can check what your phone’s IP address is. You can then compare that IP address to the ones given by your bank. Verizon should be able to sort the problem out if there’s a problem with their network.

If these procedures won’t help you fix the issue, the problem must be coming from your banking app.


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