T-Mobile’s Binge On lets you stream unlimited video without losing data


T-Mobile stepped into the unlimited streaming segment not too long ago with #MusicFreedom. The company has now announced that it will do the same with videos, thanks to the announcement of Binge On.

This service, just as the name suggests, lets you stream unlimited videos from a variety of popular services like Netflix, HBO and the likes. None of the usage will be counted against your cellular data plan. Google’s YouTube and YouTube Red are exempt from this, however.

Another caveat here is that users only get to stream content in DVD quality or 480p, so you’re not getting the opportunity to watch 1080p content by default. But if you’re willing to look over this fact, Binge On is a very attractive proposition for the customers.

T-Mobile has promised to upscale the video stream quality as it improves its networks around the country. Switching to WiFi however will automatically let you select the video quality of your choice.

Are you a T-Mobile user? What do you make of this new promo?

Via: The Verge

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