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T-Mobile is raising their data plan prices and capping Data Stash

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In a very subtle way, T-Mobile has announced that they are going to be raising the prices on their various data plans. While T-Mobile did upgrade the 1, 3, and 5 GB data plans to 2, 6, and 10 GB each, the new 6 and 10 GB plans now cost more than before, along with the unlimited plan.

This change is only going to affect new customers, unless existing customers change their plans. Family customers also will be unaffected, as long as they are part of the new “Family Match” option. That option means that at least two or more people on a family plan need to have the same data plan, or their prices will be higher than if they had different data amounts. This includes unlimited, if you want that on every line. Here is the new price breakdown:

  • $50 1GB plan – Becomes 2GB, price stays the same.
  • $60 3GB plan – Becomes 6GB, price now $65.
  • $70 5GB plan – Becomes 10GB, price now $80.
  • $80 Unlimited plan – hotspot data double to 14GB, price now $95.

While the 6 GB and higher plans now cost more, they’re still cheaper than what other carriers charge. AT&T charges $75 per month for 5 GB of data, and Verizon charges $80 per month for 6GB of data. Compare that to T-Mobile’s new 10 GB plan, which costs $80 per month.

Current customers will also not get upgraded data for free, and will have to switch to the costlier plans if they want more data. However, if you’re on a Family Plan and taking advantage of the “family match” option, your prices will not increase if you decide to switch. No one will be required to switch, and can stay on their current plans if they want to.

However, with the new plans, the Data Stash feature will now be capped at 20 GB per year. This is for all customers, not just those on the new plans. While that is opt-out, you will lose the ability to take advantage of BingeOn, which decreases the amount of data used per month.

You have until December 16th of this year to decide whether you want to use BingeOn or have a Data Stash cap, though presumably a customer service representative could get you back onto BingeOn afterwards. If you have more than 20 GB in your Data Stash already, you will be able to keep that for either 12 months or until you use it, whichever comes first. If you’re on an older plan however, you’ll be able to keep BingeOn, but will still have the Data Stash cap.

While T-Mobile did show the slide showing the new prices, not many people noticed because they were too focused on BingeOn and the hotspot increases. Now with this information, will you be changing your T-Mobile plans to the new ones or staying put?

Source: T-Mobile (FAQ) via Android Police

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