Some Nexus 5X users supposedly facing touchscreen issues while charging

Nexus 5X

The #LG #Nexus5X smartphone has been available for quite some time now and without much controversy, much to our surprise. However, a new revelation has found that the device faces some issues while charging, causing the touchscreen on the device to not function properly. This could well be an isolated incident, but the voice seems to be growing stronger on platforms like Reddit and Google’s own support page.

The issue seems to be common with the 3A/5V/15W charger that is supplied by LG with the handset. Users found that responsiveness was at a low, effectively making usage a hassle. Barring that, there don’t seem to be any other issues with the device, not as of now at least. It is hoped that Google and LG will come up with a word on the matter and try to fix this particular bug.

Users who use power banks or third party power adapters seem to be facing no issues at the moment, so perhaps this has something to do with the standard adapter that’s supplied with the handset. Are you facing similar issues with your Nexus 5X? Sound off below.

Source: Reddit

Via: Android Authority