Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Charging and Power Issues

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

This article explores the different power issues of Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini that users are facing. Multiple articles and how-tos have been put up online in an attempt to aid Android users like you with this most common dilemma. Below are some of the charging and power issues that may be similar to yours. Check out each scenario and see if it can resolve yours too.

To troubleshoot charging and power problems for Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini,

Check the Battery. Make sure it is firmly attached and should not be too hot to the touch. We may have a problem if it is.
Inspect the charger. See to it that it is functioning properly by connecting it to another phone.
Peek through the charging port. Make sure that it is not covered by any debris.
Send the phone in for repair. This should be done if the issue has something to do with the motherboard and its power mechanism as simple troubleshooting would not help us at this point.

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Problem # 1: Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini won’t charge and doesn’t turn on anymore

Hello, I’m Alyssa. I’m having some problems with my Samsung S3 Mini phone. I plugged it in last night and it was on 12%. It showed the charging icon over the battery so I knew it was charging. I woke up this morning and my phone was dead, it’s not even charging now. I’ve taken out the battery, put it back in. I’ve removed the battery, plugged my charger in, and then replaced the battery. I’ve tried everything. Still, nothing happened. I don’t think anything’s wrong with the battery because I only purchased it two months ago. Can you please help? I don’t know what to do any more.

Solution: Hi Alyssa. It’s good that you have tried something on your own. You’re right, a power issue doesn’t always equates to a defective battery. It could be something else. However, just to cover all the angles, have you tried to put in another battery? I suggest you do that first to isolate the issue. Another thing to consider is the charging port of your device. Check and make sure that there are no debris inside that may prevent it from charging properly. You may also want to try a different charger as the current one may already be defective. If none of those suggestions worked, then the issue now lies on the phone per se which is more complicated than those mentioned. In this case, you need to bring it to a repair shop and have a technician take a look at it and eventually get it working again.

Problem # 2: Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini keeps on restarting on its own

Hi! How are you doing? I have an issue with my Verizon Galaxy S3 Mini that I had just activated about 3 weeks ago. I had factory reset the phone, cleared the cache on the phone app, and hold the Volume Up plus Power and Home button to clear the system cache then rebooted the phone but the problem still happens. Most of the time during a phone call, the phone would restart itself (shuts off and turn on again by itself). Sometimes it takes only a few minutes into the call for this to happen. Sometimes it doesn’t happen at all. Please help me with this issue. Thank you very much! — Michael

Solution: Hello Michael. A factory reset can resolve almost all firmware issues. Therefore, since it did not work, the issue is more likely on the hardware side than on the phone’s software. Try to remove and reinsert the battery as a loose power source can definitely cause your device to restart on its own. If it did not work, then consider replacing the battery altogether as it is already defective. If it’s within warranty, you can bring it to Samsung’s service center and have the phone checked up or the battery replaced. Hope this helps.

Problem # 3: Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini shut down completely after a vibration issue

Hi. I have read your articles and I would like to share my phone problem with you. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini and I had a software flash which I got fixed but then after a few months the phone had stopped vibrating. I tried to use safe mode and even used the recovery mode, but after a week or so, the phone had completely shut down and it won’t charge. I did try a new charger and a new battery but I got nothing, just a blank screen. Would you be able to find a solution and help me out please? Thanks. — Jawad

Solution: Hi Jawad. If the phone did not respond to the new battery and charger, there is a big possibility that the issue lies on the hardware components of your device specifically on its power source. Due to the complexity of the phone’s motherboard, it is strongly recommended to let a certified technician check on it. I’m pretty sure the issue has something to do with the connection of the battery to the phone’s motherboard. The ports and cables may need to be worked on. If it’s still not working afterwards, then consider replacing your phone if you still have a warranty for it.

Problem # 4: Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini won’t turn on after freezing

Hello. My name is Jiehan and currently I am seeking help of how I should turn my phone back on. This happened just yesterday evening. In the afternoon, my S3 Mini still works normally. In the evening, I open Facebook from it and just then, the screen freeze. I tried to push the back button, the home button and also the power button, but nothing actually happens so I decided to take the battery out from the phone while the screen is still freezing. Then, I went to put the battery back in and push the power button, but nothing actually came up. Normally it would have turned on and a Samsung logo would’ve appeared and all. I wondered if the battery got drained or something so I immediately charged my phone but nothing happened, it’s not even charging. I tried some other methods like changing to another battery and booting it to recovery mode and all but nothing happens. It won’t turn on at all. What should I do? I am aiming to see a technician to see if there’s a problem or something with the phone. This phone has been with me for 2 years now but there has never actually been any problem with it, despite that the speaker was broken since I had unconsciously let it fell from my pocket to the ground. Back then the phone still turns on. I just can’t hear any sounds from it and I was too lazy to get it repaired since I can just use earphones and all. But now, I really am at a loss of what to do. Since I kept quite many important pictures and songs inside of that phone and now that it won’t turn on and can’t be recognized by the PC. Is there just any way where the phone would turn back on again and I can safely move the pics, songs and all to my PC? If there’s any, please let me know immediately.

Solution: Hello Jiehan. Have you tried to charge your phone using a different charger? It’s possible that the charger is malfunctioning thus causing the phone to not detect the charge. If it’s not that, it is most likely that the phone’s power mechanism got affected when you pulled out the battery while the device is turned on. The phone was freezing prior to this happening so it is also a contributing factor to this problem as it may have already damaged some of the hardware components. I would recommend you see that technician as soon as possible to get the power and audio issues fixed. There is no workaround for this so you can only get those pictures and other files if the power issue gets fixed. Let us know if you need further assistance.



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