Samsung Pay could be compatible with non-Samsung devices in the future

Samsung Pay

As of now, #SamsungPay is a service made exclusively for #Samsung products. This is not exactly a surprise given what we’ve seen from the company in the past. However, the VP of the company’s mobile division, Injong Rhee has revealed that Samsung originally considered the idea of making the service compatible with non-Samsung devices as well. Luckily, he hasn’t ruled it out at this point, so the option might still be open.

He said – “From the beginning, we’ve considered providing Samsung Pay to our partners. But right now global expansion is happening so quickly for Samsung Pay that we are focusing all our energy on deployment.”

This obviously doesn’t confirm or deny that the service will be made available for non-Samsung devices anytime soon, but it gives us hope that the company might actively start pursuing the idea. Samsung Pay has an upper hand over the competition solely because of its ability to use MST to transact with legacy debit/credit card swiping machines, while the likes of Apple Pay and Android Pay require dedicated NFC payment terminals.

Source: ZDNet

Via: Android Authority