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Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch could soon gain iPhone support

Gear S2

#Samsung took a big step with the #GearS2 by making it compatible with non-Samsung Android smartphones. A new report now mentions that the smartwatch might soon add support for the #Apple #iPhones as well, suggesting that the company is targeting an even wider audience for its new and innovative wearable.

As we all know, some Android Wear devices are already compatible with iOS devices, so it makes sense for Samsung to contemplate making the Gear S2 work with the Apple iPhones. Considering how the smartwatch vendors face no real competition from Apple at this moment, something like the Gear S2 could serve to be a viable alternative to the relatively expensive Apple Watch.

Among the notable features of the Gear S2 are the rotating bezel ring, as well as a three day battery life, something that very few smartwatches can offer today. Of course, all of this is unconfirmed information at the moment, but we expect to get more clarity over the coming days.

Source: Samsung Viet – Translated

Via: Sam Mobile

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