Samsung Gear S2 seemingly having issues with encrypted Android devices

Gear S2 Update

According to a new revelation, the #Samsung #GearS2 smartwatch is having issues functioning with #Android devices that come with encryption on board. A site has found that users who are trying to update their wearable on encrypted devices are getting an error message asking them to decrypt their device before downloading the update.

On some devices that feature full device encryption by default, this cannot be achieved, thus rendering the wearable useless. Samsung is yet to comment on the matter, but it could be serious for the company given how the Gear S2 is used by a wide range of Android users out there.

Full device encryption keeps all your data secure in the event of theft or data loss, which is a very important security feature put in place by Google. However, it’s disappointing for the users to see that Samsung’s Gear S2 wearable is seeing this more as a hindrance. It’s still unclear if there’s a patch for this anywhere out there and we don’t think it will be possible until the company issues it.

Have you faced similar errors with your Gear S2? Let us know.

Via: Android Authority