Samsung Galaxy S7 will supposedly come with a 20MP camera and superior software features

Galaxy S7

The #Samsung #GalaxyS7 smartphone has been talked about a lot of late, and with good reason. The 2016 Samsung flagship is expected to be available in the markets by February this year and there’s talk of the company using Qualcomm’s #Snapdragon820 silicon underneath.

A new report now mentions that the Korean manufacturer will use a 20MP rear camera on board the Galaxy S7, with emphasis on some interesting camera features like Pro and RAW image capture. This could be crucial features as most devices don’t support RAW image capture by default.

Since we don’t have confirmation on any of these features at this point, we’re treating them with skepticism. But given Samsung’s insistence to innovate with each model of the Galaxy flagship, we won’t be surprised if all of these rumors come to fruition. The company takes great pride in its camera potential and it will be interesting to see what the manufacturer will have cooked up for the Galaxy S7.

Source: @sleaknow – Twitter

Via: Sam Mobile