Samsung Galaxy S4 Problem After Android Lollipop Update

Software updates are generally released to Android devices to introduce several improvements and bug fixes. The #Samsung Galaxy #S4 for example was first running on Android Jelly Bean when it was released but has now been upgraded to Android Lollipop. While it is always a good idea to update your phone software, since the update will also patch device vulnerabilities, there are cases when the phone has been successfully updated issues will occur.

Samsung Galaxy S4

This is what we will tackle in our latest troubleshooting post as we aim to resolve the Galaxy S4 problem after Android Lollipop update.

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S4 Soft Keys Not Working After Software Update

Problem: Since the lollipop 5.1 update my soft touch buttons stopped work I have tried wiping cache, rebooting, battery out task, I even flashed it with 4.4.2 (so it is on that version now), and my soft touch buttons still do not work. I only have had this issue for 10 hours, literally straight from the update buttons stopped working. Is there anything else I can try?  Thank you for your time and any help.

Solution: Reflashing your phone back to its original software version usually resolves the issue. Since the problem still persists then I suggest you do a factory reset first. Check if the soft keys now work. If they still don’t work, then check the software version you flashed into your phone as there are different firmware versions available for different S4 devices. Make sure that the firmware you flashed is the one recommended for your particular phone model.

When you updated your phone to Android 5.1 one of the main reasons why the soft keys do now work is if your phone has an Active/ Exchange account setup. Deleting the said account usually resolves the problem as the security policy of the said account may be preventing you from using the phone soft keys.

If the issue still persists then I suggest you reflash the Android Lollipop 5.1 update to your device, then make sure your phone does not haver an Active / Exchange account setup.

S4 Wi-Fi Not Working After Software Update

Problem: After the lollipop upgrade i lost wifi connectivity, on tapping the wifi widget it lights dark green and not full green Downgraded to kitkat 4.4.2 but still the same issue. Thought it was a hardware issue but the technician told me all is fine and the issue is software

Solution: If this is a software related problem then the downgrade will have resolved it. That is assuming you downgraded to the correct software version for your particular phone model.

Try doing a factory reset while your phone is on 4.4.2. Just make sure that you have backed up your phone data before performing this procedure.

If your Wi-Fi still does not work, then it is very likely that the problem is hardware related. I suggest you bring your phone to an authorized service center and have it checked.

S4 Unfortunately Google Play Newsstand Has Stopped After Lollipop Update

Problem: After updating my software from Kitkat to lollipop, i keep getting a repeated notification that “unfortunately, google play newsstand has stopped”. Also email, messages, and Evernote apps cannot be launched; i keep getting the unfortunately app has stopped. I have updated all my apps, cleared caches, rebooted, but still the problem remains. Please help.

Solution: Since it appears that most of your apps are getting the unfortunately app has stopped error then I suggest you do a factory reset. What’s happening here is that there may be some data from the KitKat version that is still in your device. This old data is now causing a conflict with the new Lollipop software resulting in these issues. Before doing the factory reset just make sure to backup your phone data.

S4 Not Charging After Lollipop Update

Problem: Hi, I recently updated my phone to the latest updated which to my understanding is the lollipop version however ever since the update my phone is not working properly, the biggest issue is that it doesn’t want to charge. If I leave it on charge it beeps and after some time an android man pops up and it still don’t charge. I’ve recently bought a power bank and now it’s charging through that so that clears that there’s anything wrong with the charging pin. I went into the Samsung shop for assistance and I was advised that it’s a software problem that leaving many unhappy customers. Please advise if it is true and what’s the way forward as I’ve been a loyal Samsung customer and now I have this issue which affects me drastically because I rely on my Samsung smartphone for just about everything. Thanks.

Solution: It is not common for a phone to lose its charging functionality right after a software update. Since you mentioned that your phone charges well with a power bank then we can eliminate the software or the phone itself causing this issue. You should however check if the charger you are using is working properly. Start with the USB charging cord. This cord breaks easily especially if it is constantly coiled or bent. Try using a different USB charging cord first and if that does not resolve the problem then you should use a different wall charger.

S4 Videos Freeze After Lollipop Update

Problem: Hi. Recently I updated the software on my Samsung s4, and whereas previously I had no issues viewing videos on the Internet and downloading videos on WhatsApp, now the videos do not seem to load on the Internet or seemingly take a lifetime freezing and getting stuck even if it may be a 6sec vine. Videos on WhatsApp also do not download now. Any help would be great.

Solution: Since this issue occurred right after a software update I suggest you try to wipe the cache partition of your phone from recovery mode first.  Check if the problem still occurs. If it does, then you will need to backup your phone data then do a factory reset. The factory reset is a recommended solution whenever issues arise after a software update since it deletes any old data in your phone that may be causing this problem.

Once the factory reset has completed you should immediately check if the issue still occurs.

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