Samsung Galaxy S4 Can’t Send Text Messages

One common issue that our readers are facing with their Android device is its inability to send a text message. Usually,  this problem can easily be resolved by performing a few troubleshooting steps. The #Samsung Galaxy #S4 for example is not immune to this type of problem as owners of this device can experience difficulty in sending or receiving a text message.

In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy S4 can’t send text messages issue and other related problems.

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S4 Can’t Send Text Messages

Problem: My phone has been acting weird for a few weeks but in the past 3 or more days it’s become so bad I can’t send text messages, they just keep pending, when I click on Google play it just is a white screen, it’s freezing consistently,  everything is super slow, & just recently it makes a noise I’ve never heard before.

Solution: It appears that your phone may have some form of corrupt data in it that is causing this problem. I suggest you wipe the cache partition of your phone first then check if the issue gets resolved. If the problem still occurs then I suggest you backup your phone data then do a factory reset.

S4 Text Messages Won’t Completely Send

Problem: My messages will send but won’t completely send when I send a txt it just says pending and it will stay like that and the reception bar is 1% but if I make a call to the same person through messaging my reception bar will suddenly be full and when I hang up it goes back to 1% I would like to know how to fix this so my messages actually get send and in a good amount of time.

Solution: Does this issue occur in one particular area? If the signal is weak in the area then this may happen. The reason why the signal increases when a call comes in is that your phone uses more battery power to boost the signal to make the call as clear as possible. When the call ends the power to you phone’s antenna is then reduced to conserve battery life.

Try to check first if the issue occurs in other areas. When your phone reception bar is full then try sending a message. If the issue still occurs despite a full signal then I suggest you restart your phone to reset your connection to the network. Once your phone has booted up you should clear the cache and data of your messaging app. Try sending a text message.

If the problem still persists then proceed with wiping the cache partition of your phone.

As a last resort you should backup your phone data then do a factory reset.

S4 Cannot Send Text Message

Problem: I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile and now use my unlocked Verizon Samsung S4 with a T-Mobile SIM card. All functions seem to work fine except I cannot send out text messages any more; I get a simple ‘Failed’ error. I can receive texts, I can access internet with or without wi-fi turned on, and I can make and receive phone calls. As far as I can tell, the only thing that doesn’t work any more is outgoing text using stock messaging app. I use no other messaging apps, but I do use Whatsapp which is working fine both ways. I have tried clearing data from Apps Manager>All>Messaging and clearing data from Google Service Framework per some suggestions online, but of no avail. HELP!

Solution: Have you tried checking the message center number setting that your phone is using? Since this is a Verizon phone it may still be using the Verizon message center number. This number is where your message is sent to before being passed to the recipient. Change your phone message center number to +12063130004 which is the correct setting for T-Mobile.

There are however instances when you will not be able to access the message center number especially on a Verizon phone as it appears this setting has been locked by the Verizon S4 software itself. If you are not able to access this setting then try deactivating the LTE signal of your phone and instead switch to 3G only or GSM then try to send a message.

S4 Not Receiving Picture Text On Wi-Fi

Problem: Any time I receive a picture text on my wifi setting it will not download but if I use Verizon data it will immediately download.  but I have wifi so I do not want to use Verizon data and be charged data charges please let me know what I can do to get my pictures through wifi setting thank you.

Solution: The sending and receiving of a picture message or MMS requires a mobile data connection. This is the reason why you can send and receive a picture message when you use your Verizon data but can’t using a Wi-Fi connection.

S4 Text Message Freezes When Using Text to Speech

Problem: Using Samsung texting app that is the default for this phone, every once and awhile the lower half of the texting screen (with the Speak radio button) freezes on the phone so that any screen is covered by that lower half of the texting screen.  I must restart the phone to get rid of that lower half of the texting app.

Related Problem: When I create a new text I use speech to text, after i’ve created the text a few words are wrong, they are underlined, when i select that word a menu drops down behind the keyboard or microphone, this has been happening for the last 3 months.  I called Sprint tech support and they had me update my samsung apps, reset by taking battery out and I also called a special number to reset as well (##72786#). I took a snapshot of what it looks like but there is no where to attach it. thanks.

Solution: This problem is caused by a recent update to the Google App app. Try to check if there are any new app updates available for your device and apply them. If there are no new updates especially for the Google App app then go to the phone Application Manager then click on the All tab. Search for the Google App then click on uninstall app update.

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