Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Not Charging, Slow Charging, & Other Power Related Problems

For most owners of the #Samsung Galaxy #Note4 the device has been working perfectly. Some owners though, such as some of our readers,  are having issues with the device. One particular issue which we will be addressing today is the charging and power issue. Sometimes the device may charge slowly or it may not charge at all. Then there’s also the issue of the phone battery draining quickly and the device not turning on. We will tackle these issues in today’s post.

In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will aim to resolve the Galaxy Note 4 not charging, slow charging, & other power related problems.

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Note 4 Battery Drains Quickly

Problem: When not charging and battery reaches 20-30% it will drop to zero almost immediately. If I receive a low battery notification I cannot even turn the phone off before it shuts down on its own. I have performed a factory reset and only downloaded trusted core apps. The problem persists. I would appreciate any advice you may have. Thank you

Solution: Since you have already taken care of the software related troubleshooting steps then the best thing to do next is to replace your phone battery with a new one. It appears that this battery is not able to hold its charge anymore. This is usually the case if the battery is already old or is faulty. There’s a big possibility that replacing this battery with a new one will resolve the issue.

Note 4 Fast Charging Not Working

Problem: I’ve just got my note 4 since four weeks and its fast charger was working good, but after I have used the charger USB cable to charge the phone in the car its start being very slow when i use it on the fast charger even though it says that the fast charger connected but it is being very slow , I can’t remember if this started after the update or after the car charging while i have both the same day. please advise.

Solution: Have you checked how long your phone charges using the fast charger? With the fast charger you will be able to charge your phone from 0% to 50% battery life in a span of 30 minutes. If this is not the case then you should first check your phone settings. Got to Settings > System > Battery > Fast charging.  In most variants of this device you will be able to toggle this setting. Make sure that fast charging has a check mark, if it doesn’t then tap on it.

Another factor that can affect the speed of charging is the USB charging cord. This cord gets easily damaged especially if it is regularly coiled or bent. If it is damaged then you won’t be able to enjoy the fast charging feature of your device. Try using a different USB charging cord and see if this makes any difference. Make sure to use a Samsung cord. If the issue still persists then try using a different fast charger.

If you suspect that this issue occured right after a software update then I recommend you backup your phone data and do a factory reset. This is an important procedure  since the issue may be caused by old software data which was not removed during the upgrade process.

Note 4 Battery Drains Quickly

Problem: Why does the battery go so fast?  Like I started at 100% here we are 10 mins later and we’re at 88%

Solution: Going from 100% down to 88% in just a span of 10 minutes is not normal. Try to check the battery usage statistics of your phone to determine what process is using up the most battery life. Using this information you can proceed with the next step. If an app is using up your battery life then you can try to uninstall this app.

Sometimes the issue can also be caused by corrupt data in your device. If this is the case then I recommend you wipe the cache partition of your phone.

You should also try to take out the microSD card of your phone (if one is installed) then check if the battery drain problem still exists.

If the above troubleshooting steps fail then I suggest you backup your phone data then do a factory reset. Once the reset has completed try to observe if the issue still persists. If it does then you need to get a new battery as the battery your phone has right now may already be faulty.

Note 4 Shuts Down Randomly

Problem: My phone keeps shutting down @ random. Won’t turn back on until I take the battery out and put back in. Now, it will come back on but will shut down  immediately. Yes the battery is full charge and the battery is not swollen.

Solution: You will need to perform a factory reset to eliminate any software related problems that may be causing this issue. Just make sure to backup your phone data first since the reset will delete all data stored in your device and bring it back to its original factory condition.

Note 4 Only Turns On If Charger Connected

Problem: I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and while it was powered off I charged it…. once the light turned green for fully charged I disconnected it and powered it on but only goes to the Samsung screen then turn off then restarts again it never goes pass the Samsung logo…. I did the reset with out the battery and same thing just the Samsung screen again and I plugged the charger back on and it turned on completely and working but once I disconnect the charger it turns off and keeps restarting over and over again please help thanks

Solution: There are two factors that may be causing this problem. First, it could be caused by a glitch in the phone software. If this is the case then you should backup your phone data and do a factory reset.

Second, this problem could be caused by a faulty battery. Most likely the battery is not providing the correct voltage required to turn on your phone since if you connect the charger the phone turns on normally. If this is the case then I suggest you get a new battery.

Note 4 Only Charges When Phone Is Off

Problem: Charges when powered down but does not charge when power is on. Will not recognize the charger is connected

Solution: This issue is usually caused by a problem with the hardware. Start the troubleshooting by using a different wall charger. Make sure to also use a different USB cord. If the issue still persists then check the charging port of your phone for any signs of dirt or debris. If necessary clean i using a can of compressed air or a cotton bud dipped in alcohol. If you spot any bent pins on the charging port then this needs to be replaced immediately. For this you will have to bring your phone to an authorized service center. Finally, the battery of your phone may also cause this type of issue. Try using a new battery on your device then  check if the issue still occurs.

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  1. My Samsung Note 4 worked fine and all on a sudden the fast charging stops working and when connected to computer it is not recognized. Earlier that day there was a small updated from TMobile. so i thought it could be related to that. So I tried few methods – Rebooted, Soft reset, factory reset, change to new battery, new USB cable, new charger but all did not work. Took the phone to a tech. and the cost to fix is shockingly high ($120). But still the tech was skeptical that the USB module fix will help. Because if the USB is broken, then the phone should not charge at all, but mine does.
    Also when the USB is connected earlier I get a notification as ‘Charging’ /’Fast Charging’. Now I don’t see that too, but I see the battery icon with charge indicator.
    Takes over night (good 10 to 12 hrs to charge).
    Samsung support is no use too. When I called their tech have no idea and just asked me to send in the phone with the $$$$.

    BTW, did I tell you that I am newbie to the technical side of the phone and have very limited tools to work on them.
    So any advice in details and possible pictures would be greatly appreciated.


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