Report talks about decent demand for the Samsung Gear S2 in China

Gear S2

According to a new report, the #Samsung #GearS2 smartwatch is picking up decent traction in China. The device is said to have sold 180,000 units in just eight hours, which is pretty decent for a premium grade wearable. While companies like #Xiaomi, #Huawei and #Lenovo are no strangers to devices selling out quickly in China, this feat from Samsung holds special value given that it’s not a cheap wearable.

Researchers have already mentioned that the Gear S2 could pose serious competition to the existing lot of smartwatches, including the Apple Watch. The Gear S2 is selling China for 2,198 CNY ($347) for the basic model and 2,398 CNY ($378) for the slightly premium Classic version. So it’s not an affordable wearable by any stretch of the imagination, but the Gear S2 has clearly struck a chord with the Chinese audience to return such attractive sales figures.

Given the size of the Chinese mobile market, 180,000 doesn’t really account for much. But given how wearables are still an evolving concept, this is a positive sign for Samsung.

Source: Tizen Indonesia

Via: Sam Mobile