Razer Forge TV unavailable from the Google Store signaling an early demise

Razer Forge TV

As much as #Google would want you to believe, #AndroidTV is yet to properly catch on with the audiences. Devices like the #NVIDIAShield console are surely helping Google’s cause. However, there are some consoles out there that have barely received any love from the public.

Razer’s Forge TV is one such device which has barely seen any promise. It is now becoming more apparent that the device might have reached end of life status as it’s been listed as “no longer available for purchase“, which could be a sign of things to come.

Razer is a well known figure in the gaming community, so launching a device like the Forge TV made a lot of sense. However, lack of awareness and proper marketing seems to have really hurt the company’s cause. Have you invested in the Razer Forge TV? How do you like it? If you’re really looking to get the Forge TV, Amazon currently has the bundle on offer for under $140.

Source: Google Store

Via: Pocketnow