Pebble Time Round to start reaching third party retailers this Sunday

Pebble Time Round

The #PebbleTimeRound smartwatch was announced a little over a month ago with pre-orders commencing shortly after. If you were one of those early bird customers of Pebble’s first round faced smartwatch, you can expect to have it shipped out to you by next week. Pebble has announced pre-orders will be sent out this Sunday, so you can expect to have it on your doorsteps by sometime mid-week.

As for retail availability, the likes of Amazon, Best Buy and Target will start offering the wearable from their online stores starting Sunday, with Target and Best Buy even offering the option to physically pick up your Pebble Time Round from their retail locations.

The smartwatch carries a price tag of $249.99, which is the same price as the Pebble Time Steel that was released alongside the Pebble Time. This is not asking for much considering the unique form factor that it brings to the table as well as the ultra-long battery life that other smartwatches in the market cannot match. Although the battery life on the Pebble Time Round is said to be poorer than previous Pebble offerings.

Interested in snatching up the Pebble Time Round? Make sure you head over to a Target or Best Buy location this Sunday to check it out in action. You can also head over to the Amazon link below to order the device online.

Source: Amazon

Via: Pocketnow