NVIDIA Shield Tablet makes a comeback for $199

Shield Tablet

The #NVIDIA #ShieldTablet was recently recalled by the company over potential fire issues. The company had already sent out replacement units to customers although the device was not available for new customers. That changes today with the announcement of the Shield Tablet K1, which is essentially the same device, but devoid of any battery related issues on board and the exclusion of a couple of other features to cut costs.

The tablet will be sold at just $199.99, which is a good $100 cheaper than the original model. The company is currently offering the 16GB WiFi only model for now, with no word on whether the LTE model will arrive anytime soon.

To keep the costs at bay, NVIDIA has now removed the DirectStylus 2 slot and will not supply the accessory along with the device either. This can be purchased separately for $19.99. You can also get a magnetic keyboard cover for $39.99 and the Shield gaming controller for a hefty $59.99, which will let you convert the Shield Tablet K1 into a true gamer’s device.

Make sure you head over to the link below in order to get the tablet.

Source: NVIDIA

Via: The Verge