New Samsung Gear VR up for grabs in the U.S. starting today

Gear VR - T-Mobile

The latest version of the #Samsung #GearVR is available for purchase starting today in the U.S. at $99.99. The headset went up on pre-order not too long ago, so those who bought it then should be getting their units over the coming days. The new-gen Gear VR is compatible with the 2015 Samsung flagships which includes the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+ as well as the Galaxy Note 5.

Since both the first and second gen models look pretty identical, customers will have to stay away from the “Innovator Edition” models of the Gear VR to ensure that they’re not buying the first gen variant. The Gear VR has a lot of new content tailored specifically for the platform and users can experience virtual reality like never before thanks to Samsung’s partnership with multiple content providers.

There are games on offer as well, so you can be assured that the $100 will be well spent with the Gear VR. Limited device compatibility remains a concern, although Samsung wouldn’t be too worried as this is supposed to be an experimental product for the time being.

Amazon and Best Buy have listed the new Gear VR, although they’re not in stock at the moment.

Source: Samsung, Amazon, Best Buy

Via: Phone Arena