New Google Play Books update comes with a comic book friendly feature

Google Play Books

#GooglePlayBooks is now receiving a new update which brings along a much welcome feature for comic book enthusiasts. First and foremost, users can now scroll through comics vertically, allowing them a more immersive reading experience. This will save you the trouble of having to flip through every page, which quite frankly can be a pain for the customers.

The app will also offer recommendations on other comics based on what the user is currently reading, so you stand to discover some decent new content this way. Just to remind you, Google Play Books has comics from publishing houses like DC Comics, Marvel, Image, IDW and Dark Horse, so you will never run out of content to read on your smartphone or tablet.

The app also comes with a couple of other handy changes, which improve the overall experience for the users.

Interested already? Make sure you’re on the lookout for an update. Or you can head over to the Play Store and check for an update on the My Apps section.

Source: Official Android Blog