Motorola’s latest experiment perfectly illustrates smartphone addiction [Video]

Moto X Style

#Motorola has just released a new video titled “Out Of Touch“, which is tagged under its series of Moto Experiment videos. This particular experiment talks about smartphone addiction, while cleverly highlighting one of the crucial hands-off features of the #MotoXPureEdition. The video has Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher talking users into taking a test which involves keeping both their hands inside sensors (which are fake) and placing the phone right in between them.

And once he exits the room, messages are sent to them and phone calls are made to see if they can resist the urge to not remove their hand off the fake sensor. But in one case, the candidate couldn’t last more than 42 seconds and touched the phone to receive the call/message, thus illustrating how smartphone addiction works. In the end, Kutcher enters the room with a Moto X Pure Edition and demonstrates how people don’t need to use touch in order to talk to their phones and manages to make the phone read out a message by only using his voice.

Kutcher’s involvement in a Motorola ad is relatively new, but it’s not really a surprise given that he has worked with Lenovo products in the past, which now owns Motorola. You can catch the video in its entirety below.

Source: YouTube