LG could make the move to metal with the LG G5


It took some time, but Samsung finally made the move towards making truly premium flagship smartphones, with the Galaxy S6 family and the Note 5 all featuring a metal and glass build. Samsung’s home competitor LG has stuck to plastic as its material of choice even this year,¬†which has helped it keep an important feature like removable batteries on its smartphones.

But a company can only go so long before consumers start asking for devices that look and feel like $800 smartphones instead of just having the best hardware, and a report from the Korean media suggests LG will make the switch to metal with the LG G5. LG has been making plastic flagships since the G lineup’s beginning, and while the G3 and G4 were critically acclaimed as the best handsets the company has released, neither managed to impress when it came to their design.

The G5 will reportedly feature a metallic unibody construction; a sealed in battery would give consumers one less reason to buy LG’s flagship, but the premium design should make up by attracting another part of the market. Of course, none of this is confirmed at this point, so we will just have to wait and see if the Korean manufacturer will actually be leaving plastic behind with the successor to the very impressive G4.

Source: Naver