Google’s Project Zero team finds 11 security exploits on the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

Galaxy S6 edge

The #Samsung #GalaxyS6edge is a highly rated smartphone from the Korean manufacturer that was released earlier this year. But Google’s Project Zero team has managed to uncover 11 security exploits that were hiding underneath the system.

These bugs were found in just one week by the team. Needless to say, Samsung was quick to react and is already said to have patched 8 of these bugs that were considered major while leaving out the remaining three (minor) bugs for later.

The Project Zero team is set out to find how using a skinned version of Android could make way for security loopholes, thus making the case for a stock Android UI across the board. However, manufacturers are not going to stop making custom UIs anytime soon, regardless of how many security loopholes Google manages to uncover.

While custom UIs give Android users the option to pick the best for their liking, it doesn’t make for an exciting reading when we come across reports like¬†these. Are you a user of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge? If yes, don’t let this revelation bother you as most of the bugs have been patched.

Source: Project Zero Blog

Via: Android and Me