Google seemingly interested in designing its own chipset

Google HQ

#Google already stepped into the hardware game with the remarkable #PixelC tablet. A new report now talks of Google’s intentions to step into the mobile SoC game as well, following in the footsteps of #Apple and #Samsung who already develop their own chipsets. Well, it seems like Google’s intention to manufacture its own chipsets stems from the fact that the company wants to maintain uniformity across the board.

But since the company doesn’t have the resources to produce them at a large scale, it will have to merge with a company like Qualcomm which is currently partnered with major Android partners. It’s unlikely that other Android partners will be willing to go with Google’s home-developed chipset, but it goes without saying that the company will want to try out this SoC with the Nexus range.

Of course nothing is set in stone yet, so we won’t jump to conclusions at the moment. Do you think this is a feasible idea from Google? Sound off below.

Source: The Information

Via: The Verge