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Google seemingly building its very own smartphone from the ground up: Report

Google Nexus 6P

#Google is supposedly looking to build its very own smartphone from scratch, a report from a popular source suggests. This would suggest that Google is looking to take the Apple route by manufacturing as well as marketing the product on their own. So how would this be different from a #Nexus phone, you ask?

Well for starters, Google will be handling all of the developmental work such as design, production etc on its own. With a Nexus device, this burden is laid on the manufacturer that Google partners with. So this would in turn mean that Google will have to put in more work on its own. Keeping that in mind, this doesn’t seem like a very wise idea, so we can probably mark it as a plan that’s still in its early stages.

Creating a device like this might also upset Nexus partners who have brought the Nexus brand a long way since its inception. So take this report with a pinch of salt for the time being, until there’s evidence to prove otherwise.

What do you make of this idea?

Source: The Information (requires subscription)

Via: Droid Life

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