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Facebook seemingly testing a new message self-destruct feature like Snapchat

Facebook Self Destruct

#Facebook has confirmed the testing of a new message self-destruct feature similar to #Snapchat. For now, it seems like the company is testing this feature in France, but more countries could be added over time. Self-destruct messages are obviously quite useful and I would personally like to see this coming to fruition on a wider scale.

But given the nature of Facebook’s business, we won’t be surprised if this remains one of those features that never see the light of the day. The feature has been spotted on the Facebook Messenger app on Android while there’s no word on whether it’s currently being tested on the web as well.

Facebook Self Destruct Messages

We’re excited to announce the latest in an engaging line of optional product features geared towards making Messenger the best way to communicate with the people that matter most,” a Facebook spokeswoman said.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the timed messages feature can be turned on for any conversation you’re having and it’s as simple as hitting the hourglass icon on the top right of the app.


Via: BuzzFeed

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