Causes for charging issues on Galaxy S6, more charging power problems

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Welcome to another article that addresses #Samsung #GalaxyS6 power and charging problems. Don’t forget to do the basic software troubleshooting solutions mentioned in this guide if you haven’t done them yet. The solutions in this guide includes how to boot your S6 in safe mode, how to wipe the cache partition, and how to perform a factory reset. As a general rule of thumb when dealing with power problems, make sure to seek help from professionals when none of the software troubleshooting won’t make any difference.

Below are the topics discussed in this post today:

  1. Galaxy S6 not turning on
  2. Galaxy S6 won’t charge
  3. Galaxy S6 inconsistent power problem
  4. Replacement warranty request for Galaxy S6 with power issue
  5. Causes for charging issues on Galaxy S6

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Problem #1: Galaxy S6 not turning on

After about a month or so the phone just started doing a boot loop where it would restart over and over. Now it’s boot looping to the point where I can’t even start the phone. Sometimes it freezes on the boot loop as well.

I tried to go in and do a cache reset but it froze on the reset entry. Then I tried for a factory reset and it froze on that point as well. now it won’t even charge (since it died) and I can’t even access the system anymore. I’m sure I have Brick.

Please help me on what I can do as far as options. — Tee

Hi there. So, I was on my phone, scrolling through messages when my phone basically restarted itself. It went to the black and white title screen. I tried a hard reset on it, but it would just turn off the phone, let it cool down, but when I tried to turn it back on again, it goes straight back to the black and white screen. I tried doing the volume up – power – and main menu button, but that didn’t seem to discourage it at all. After it had cooled down, I tried plugging it in, but nothing came up at all for it. I’m at a complete loss on what to do with it, and any news would be helpful.

Thank you so much! — Ashley

Hi. I have tried your post on how to reboot the S6. However when i finally do get my phone off because the screen is black it is very hard to turn off without restarting or putting into flight mode. Once my phone is off i did the three things: held power, volume up and the home button and nothing happened i got no response. do not understand what has happened to my phone. I would very much appreciate you taking the time to help me if that is possible.

Many Thanks. — Michael

Solution: Hi Tee, Ashley and Michael. If your phone has become totally unresponsive to whatever hardware button combinations, the next best thing to do is have the phone repaired or replaced. The problem might be caused by a faulty battery or another component. There’s no way for you to fix a hardware problem without voiding the warranty so let a professional do it for you.

If there’s a nearby Samsung store in your area, please bring your phone there first. Don’t let third party shops open the phone as they would void the warranty in the process.

The best option though is by simply ordering a replacement unit.

Problem #2: Galaxy S6 won’t charge

I plugged my phone in last night with 10% of battery life left and I went off to bed. When I woke up and checked my phone I found that although it was plugged in it did not charge at all and now I had less than 10% battery life left. I went to look at the charger and I made sure it was completely connected to the wall and to the phone. I couldn’t get it to charge at all and it ended up dying.

While it was dead I noticed that if I plugged the charger (the original Samsung charger) into the phone that the battery icon with the bolt of lightning would appear, but the charging LED wouldn’t appear and it wouldn’t charge at all.

After messing with it and switching chargers and outlets, randomly I was able to get it to charge. The LED came on and everything. But it only charged up to 5% and stopped charging all together.

I performed the soft reset that put it into safety mode and that did nothing. I also cleared the cache partition and that didn’t help either. The only thing I haven’t done is perform the full reset but I really want to avoid that because I have no battery life to back up my phone and I can’t afford to lose all my stuff. 

I’m hoping there is an easy fix for this that I haven’t stumbled across. Please help. — Tate

Solution: Hi Tate. The next potential solution that you can try in this case is to do a factory reset. Try connecting (and charging the phone) to a computer so you can save your personal data without draining the remaining battery power. If the problem remains after a full reset, consider having the phone repaired or replaced.

Problem #3: Galaxy S6 inconsistent power problem

So one day my S6 battery came down to 1%. I didn’t have my charger with me. And so, soon the battery died. But when I came home and connected it to the charger it doesn’t start up. Left it connected for about 2 hours. And still doesn’t start up. I took it to a service centre and they said I have to send It to the service dealer. But I came home and connected it to the charger and left it there overnight. And fortunately it came on the next day. This was a week ago.

But now again the same thing has happened . But only it’s not turning on even after I plugged in for 8 hours. What should I do? — Sidharth

Solution: Hi Sidharth. There must be an intermittent hardware problem (most of the time a battery issue) causing the problem to come and go. Just like what we tell other members above, kindly send the phone to Samsung or to a service dealer so it can be replaced.

Problem #4: Replacement warranty request for Galaxy S6 with power issue

My phone keeps shutting down and sometimes it restart. however most times it goes cool dead and I’m confused. I try all the options including factory reset but problems remain. Also sometime it just freeze and not responsive.

I bought the phone via amazon online in August 2015 but I live in Jamaica. I spend too much money and I don’t even know who should I contact in this case. Amazon? Samsung? Please help. Can’t use the phone because of this. Thanks. —  Alexia

Solution: Hi Alexia. Amazon is the product’s retailer so the replacement warranty period with them might have already expired at this time. We suggest that you contact Samsung instead if you’re planning to have the phone replaced. If you have access to a local Samsung store in your area, try to visit them so they can physically check it and determine if they can handle the problem without having to replace it.

If you purchased your S6 brand new from Amazon, any Samsung branch will usually help customers process a replacement request as long as the warranty is still valid. Just be ready to present whatever documentation they need to identify you as the owner.

Problem #5: Causes for charging issues on Galaxy S6

The phone is having trouble charging. It charges just fine on my wireless pad (if it is in the exact center,) but when using the cord i must prop it in a certain position to initiate charging. I figured there was a short in the chord, but I have replaced it 3 times and each time it will start off working flawlessly, then without variation they all encounter the same problem.

Also, is the wireless charger supposed to be so sensitive? If my phone is not directly in the middle it will charge, but discontinuously.

Thank you for taking the time to help me out! I love the phone, just wish I could charge it! — Jake

Solution: Hi Jake. There are other possible points of failure when it comes to charging issues. These things include the microUSB port, the wall socket, the charger head, and other components in the logic board. If you noticed that your phone appears to charge only in one position or angle, a microUSB port problem may be the cause.

As regards your wireless charging question, the answer is yes. The wireless charger and the device being charged must be in a certain alignment so charging process is optimized as advertised. If you are using the Samsung wireless charger, you must ensure that your S6 is placed right in the middle of the pad.



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