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BlackBerry Priv to receive monthly security patches

BlackBerry Priv

Ever since the #Stagefright vulnerability was discovered, #Google and a variety of manufacturers vowed to send out monthly security updates to their devices in order to keep users secure and worry free about bugs and other issues.

Now with #BlackBerry joining the Android camp, the company has also promised to follow the same protocol for the #Priv smartphone and has mentioned that it will be sending monthly security updates for the smartphone.

The Priv recently went up for pre order at $699 and will soon be available from AT&T as well. While the handset might not break sales records given its pricing, it goes without saying that the device will be quite popular among BlackBerry loyalists who have turned to iPhones or Android devices.

Are you one of those users? If yes, this should come as welcome news to you as frequent Android updates is one of the big concerns for early Android adopters.

Source: BlackBerry

Via: Android Police

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