ASUS planning to launch augmented reality glasses next year


#ASUS is no stranger to innovation and it seems like the company could have more coming our way next year. It is being said that the Taiwanese manufacturer is looking to step into the augmented reality game by launching dedicated hardware (glasses) supporting the technology.

The CEO of ASUS, Jerry Shen said – “It should be next year when we come out with a product, we think AR (augmented reality) will be very important for people’s lives.”

ASUS’ intentions with AR or augmented reality is not very clear to us at this point, but it seems like the company could release what could well be a gaming oriented device, which has been used with AR for quite some time now.

For those wondering, augmented reality is not the same as virtual reality and the two cannot be confused. AR simply augments or adds more detail to what you see in your surroundings while virtual reality creates a different world altogether.

There are several mobile apps out there that give you the augmented reality experience using the camera on your smartphone. While the idea does sound novel in theory, it has to be seen if ASUS can make the most of it.

Source: CNET

Via: Android Headlines