Apple to use Samsung’s OLED panels in upcoming iPhones?

Samsung Galaxy S7 - Snapdragon 820

As per a new report, Apple’s partnership with #Samsung for the supply of components could be strengthened over the years to come. It is being said that starting 2018, #Apple might be looking to get hold of their OLED panels for the iPhone models.

This would make the iPhone 8 the likely candidate to receive Samsung’s display technology, thus opening a new revenue stream for the Korean manufacturer and ultimately a better experience for Apple iPhone fans. The report was supposedly confirmed by a Samsung Display executive, who went on to mention that they’re currently in talks with Apple to put a deal in place.

Apple uses OLED displays only on the Apple Watch, with LG supplying the necessary display panels. However, there has been talk that Samsung might share some of the manufacturing duties in the days to come. This would ensure a smooth passage for the company to get involved with the iPhone display panels in the years to come.

However, we’re still taking this report with a pinch of salt as there’s no official confirmation coming from the companies yet.

Source: Korea Times