You can now use the double-tap to lock gesture on any Android phone [Download]


A new app called KnockOn has made its way to the #PlayStore recently, giving users functionality that was virtually non-existent before on most #Android devices. Taking a cue out of LG’s books, the developers behind this app have implemented the ability to lock the display of your smartphone using just a double tap on the screen.

It must be noted that this feature is only limited to devices with AMOLED displays as the feature doesn’t work with LCD panels. The app has one glitch though that I personally encountered while using. While double tapping the home screen to lock the display, it registers practically every double tap that you make on the display. This means that if you press the onscreen back button twice in succession, the app would think you’re trying to lock the display.

But we’re sure this can be fixed in a future update. In any case, make sure you give this app a try from the link below. If you like the app, there’s a Pro version that you can buy for $1.10.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Phone Arena