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Xiaomi’s Mi 5 will sport a 3D fingerprint scanner designed by Qualcomm

Qualcomm 3D Fingerprint

The #Xiaomi #Mi5 has been somewhat of a mystery so far with rumored launch dates having come and gone. A new report now indicates that the flagship will come with a new 3D fingerprint scanner that is designed by Qualcomm.

This is different from what we currently see on smartphones and tablets around, so it could be a first for the industry. This chip could be bundled along with the Snapdragon 820 chipset that the handset is expected to be sporting.

Right now, fingerprint scanners are only seen on a select few Android devices, although the trend is changing with Google officially pushing its wireless payment service called Android Pay.

This new technology shown off by Qualcomm can supposedly “penetrate the outer layers of skin, detecting three-dimensional details and unique fingerprint characteristics, including fingerprint ridges and sweat pores.”

Another interesting characteristic of this particular fingerprint scanner is that it can scan through glass, aluminum, stainless steel, sapphire and even plastics, so manufacturers can embed them underneath practically any material and still get perfect fingerprint recognition.

Source: MyDrivers – Translated

Via: Gizmo China

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