XIaomi might release the Mi 5 with a 3D Touch display on board

Xiaomi Mi 5

The #Xiaomi #Mi5 smartphone has been a mystery for the most part with practically nobody having knowledge about the where and when the device will be officially unveiled. A new report has now pitched the idea of the Chinese manufacturer possibly using a Force Touch or 3D Touch display, which can judge the pressure that you put on the display.

Apple’s iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus are known for popularizing the idea since recently. Samsung is also believed to be working on a project like this under the wraps, so this could soon be an industry trend. With Force Touch or 3D Touch, the displays can cleverly differentiate between light taps and a proper press, which would further allow you to perform different functions.

Apple might take objection to the fact that Xiaomi is making use of a feature that they only recently introduced. But since Force Touch on mobiles have been available for quite a while now, we’re hoping this will remain a feature that can co-exist across platforms.

Source: Weibo – Leaksfly

Via: G For Games