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Verizon Will Hike Unlimited Data Prices By $20

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If you still have an unlimited data plan with Verizon, prepare for a monthly bill increase. Starting November 15th, all customers who are out of contract will see their unlimited data bill increase to $49.99 from $29.99.

Verizon stopped offering unlimited data to new customers back in 2011, so it’s unlikely that many people are still on that plan. Verizon themselves say that less than 1 percent of customers are on an unlimited plan.

If you add in the additional cost of voice and messaging plans, someone who was paying around $80 per month could see their bill jump to be more than $100. This is another step Verizon is taking to try and get users off unlimited data.

In 2014, Verizon was going to start throttling unlimited data users who used significant amounts of it, but backed down after customers complaints and when the FCC said they were going to look into the practice.

Sprint last week changed their unlimited data plan price for new customers as well, but not as dramatically. They only increased the rate by $10 per month, and that was for new customers only, not existing ones.

Verizon does say that they will now offer the small amount of customers still on unlimited data to take part in the monthly installment offerings to get new phones, something they could not do before without losing unlimited data. Your data plan price will not decrease back however, so it will still cost $49.99 for unlimited data.

So if you’re on a Verizon unlimited plan, prepare for a price increase if your contract has ended after November 15th. Only Sprint and T-Mobile offer unlimited data, so if you want to switch and keep unlimited, those are your two options.

Source: CNET

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