Verizon to start supporting Samsung Pay after all

Samsung Pay

#Verizon recently mentioned that it won’t support #SamsungPay on its devices. This came as quite a shock to most of us knowing that Verizon Wireless is the largest carrier in the U.S. and this would also have meant a major setback for #Samsung.

But now, the carrier has sent out a tweet from its official account claiming that support for Samsung’s wireless payments service is not far away and will be initiated in the form of a software update in the future.

The service will be enabled on the same devices as on other networks, including the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+ as well as the Galaxy Note 5. The carrier however has failed to mention as to when this software update will be sent out. Going by Verizon’s history, it seems like customers will have to wait quite a while to get their hands on Samsung Pay.

For those not in the loop, Samsung Pay allows customers to conveniently pay for their orders without having to flip out their wallet or credit cards. While this can also be achieved via Apple Pay or Android Pay, Samsung’s offering uses MST which works even with standard debit/credit card swiping terminals, essentially allowing a wide range of merchants and customers to use it.

Source: @VerizonNews – Twitter

Via: Sam Mobile