Twitter introduces new Polls feature on Android and iOS

Twitter Polls

#Twitter has just gotten better thanks to the introduction of a new feature called Polls. This is currently rolling out on Android and iOS, depending on your region of course.

As the iOS screenshot above shows, this basically lets you hold polls about practically anything and get responses from your followers. Users can only create 2-question polls using this new tool and they will stay on Twitter’s servers for 24 hours. Only then will you be able to access the data and stats from the poll.

Privacy is a major factor here and Twitter assures that votes will remain completely private. Since this is integrated into the Twitter feed, users will be able to retweet it and share it with the rest of the people on their feed as well. This is something that could let polls go viral very fast. In any case, it’s a good addition by Twitter and will raise the level of discourse on the social media platform.

Some users are already seeing the feature on their Android devices, so it shouldn’t be long before it hits other devices. What do you make of this addition?

Source: Twitter Blog

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