Twitter increases its follow limit to 5,000

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Currently, #Twitter only allows normal users to follow 2,000 accounts at once if they don’t have a high enough follower count. But the microblogging site has now lifted this restriction and announced that such users are now allowed to follow up to 5,000 accounts at once before their ability to follow more people is put on hold.

This makes sense given that Twitter is looking to lure more users to the service and the only way to keep them around will be by offering more content to flow through their news feed. And if the user feels like 2,000 accounts are simply not enough to get a better understanding of the happenings around them, raising this limit will certainly come as good news.

Twitter is based solely on news content and has been widely popular as the preferred medium of sharing content online. A small upgrade/feature like this could go a long way in making the lives of the users a lot easier. What do you think?

Source: Twitter Support

Via: Engadget

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