Troubleshooting Samsung Galaxy S4 Text Message Lag, Freeze & Other Related Issues

Welcome to another one of our latest troubleshooting guides that aims to resolve the text messaging issues on the #Samsung Galaxy #S4. In our last guide we concentrated on the text message not being sent or received issue. In this latest installment of the series we will tackle the S4 text message lag, freeze, and other related issues.

All of the problems that we  feature here have been sent to us by our readers. We have analyzed these problems and have provided the best troubleshooting steps that hopefully will lead to a resolution.

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S4 Text Message App Freezes When Using Text To Speech

Problem: Hello, I have a Samsung Galaxy s4 problem I am really hoping you can help me with as I have already factory reset it twice. When I am in text messaging and use the talk to text feature, it freezes! But just the little grey window for talk and text….I can still do things in the background, but half the screen is frozen with the talk/text window. I can’t close it or use it. But I can close the messaging and go to other apps/home page but with box still there. Only way I have got rid of it all together, is to reboot….but then later after using it, it will get stuck on my screen again. But not every time I use it. Please help.

Related Problem: After using the voice mode for texting, the phone stays with the voice screen and will not respond. Have to shut it off to clear the screen. Have tried soft booting, software upgrade but still get the locked


Related Problem: While texting, 2 issues happen (sometimes):

  1.  Using voice to text, when the lower half of screen becomes the microphone, it freezes up.  Can’t even shut the phone down, because that section doesn’t allow me to shut it off.  So I remove the battery to bring it back.
  2.  Google Voice to text stops working sometimes.  Everything else works, but I have to got to typing text, instead of just using speech. Thanks!

Related Problem: When receiving or sending text messages the Google screen that says tap to speak does not go away you have to restart the phone or pull the battery to get rid of that box

Related Problem: I have not loaded any apps for weeks. Today the S-4 has been tying up during texts, the small ‘tap to speak screen’ comes up, I can use it one to several times, then it locks-up keeping that screen up blocking 1/2 of the phones display.  I have to restart the phone to get rid of it. today when receiving a call this ‘tap to speak’ screen comes up  again and locks up the phone.  this has happened at least 10 time today.  I have re-booted, power off, taken the battery out for 5 minutes etc. and the problem still comes up.  Can you help please?

Related Problem: When texting I like to use the microphone feature so I don’t have to type.  My phone freezes on the microphone screen.  I cannot use the backwards key, the X key, etc.  I have to restart or turn off the phone.  My boyfriend is having the same issue.  Help please

Solution: Have you tried checking if there are any new software updates available for your phone? This may be a software bug and an update is one way to resolve this issue.

If your phone is already running on the latest software then try starting it in Safe Mode. This way you can check if a third party app installed in your phone is causing the problem. If the issue does not occur in Safe Mode then an app may be the culprit. Find out what app this is and uninstall it.

Clearing the cache and data of the messaging app also helps in this case which you should also follow up with wiping the cache partition of your phone. If you haven’t done a factory reset then do it now. Just make sure to backup your phone data first.

You should also try switching between the Samsung and Google text to speech engines and see which one does not give you a problem. To do this go to Apps – Settings – My Device.- Input and control – Language and input – Speech – Text-to-speech options.

As a final troubleshooting step try to uninstall the app updates to the Google App from the App Manager. It seems like the latest update to this app is causing this type of issue.

S4 Text Message App Freezes

Problem: When I use my messenger after a few texts  it locks up and I can’t get out of it I can’t text anything and when I go to another screen half the screen is covered with a part that says tap to pause tap to talk you know and only way I can get it off of my screen is to turn it off restart it then  next time I text using my messaging it will lock up again I took out my battery for a few minutes put it back in next time I text it locked up again after a few texts No matter what screen I go to half the screen is covered up cannot get it to go away without turning off and restarting the phone

Solution: It’s very likely that the text messaging app has some cached data that is corrupt.You should try to clearthe cache and data of your messaging app first then check if the issue still occurs. If it does then proceed with wiping the cache partition of your phone.

S4 Not Getting Text Alerts

Problem: I am on the Straight Talk network. I used to use my wife old iPhone 5c with Straight Talk and I had no problem getting text alerts from my credit card company for various situations and I also got text alerts that my employer sent out for weather warnings or other “text blast” type announcements that would go out to everyone. This summer that phone was stolen, so I bought a new Galaxy S4 directly from Straight Talk and had my old number from the iPhone ported over to the S4. Now with my S4 I can no longer receive text messages from Discover, Amazon, my employer, and I’m assuming any other text alert systems I am registered for. Their websites show the correct phone number but I never get their test texts and therefore I can’t receive text warnings from my credit card companies (which would be really useful), delivery alerts from Amazon, etc. etc. Normal text messaging and SMS messaging between myself and individuals seems to work just fine. Any ideas?

Solution: If this issue occurs only for short code text messages then this is a porting issue. Contact Straight Talk regarding this and make sure that your account does not have any content blocks.

S4 Blocking A Number

Problem: I am trying to block a number from my Samsung Galaxy S4.  i do not see the Spam settings in my Messaging “settings menu”   Is there something else I need to do? Thanks

Solution: To access the spam setting of your phone just go to Messaging – Settings – tick Spam Settings – tap Add to Spam numbers. If this option is not available then try to check what software version is running on. If your phone is still using the stock software then this option should be available.

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  1. When I use voice to text on my Samsung Galaxy S4 it only types half of what I say, if I continuing talking it erases the beginning of my text and starts over.

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