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Top 5 best RPG for Android in 2015

If you are a fan of role playing video games and would love to enjoy the gaming experience on your Android phone, then you are in luck.  RPG has exploded in recent past, and there are definitely no shortage of RPG for your Android phone.  Here are some sneaky good RPG games for Android in 2015.

Million Arthur

Million Arthur

From Square Enix comes this amazing Collector Card Game. Heavily influenced by manga and anime, Gamevil Inc. hopes to bring you a beautiful card game that is appealing to the western world and even beyond.

In this game, you must pull out the Excalibur sword from the stone and show that you are indeed worthy of controlling Britain. Defend Camelot’s shores from numerous invaders all over the southern seas. Use your knight’s powers and become a legend.

Million Arthur allows you to explore different territories in and out of Camelot, assemble your army through knight cards, and defeat your enemies. You can break the norm and unleash the maximum potential of your knights through this game.

Retimo Adventure

Retimo Adventure

Created by Maui Games, Retimo Adventure is another RPG game that you should watch out for. The game starts with a scene showing a Dark Lord who has returned from a long absence. In order to restore his memory, you must head over to the Dark Lord’s Caste on an adventure.

What’s great about this app is its roguelike qualities. A random system determines the theme of the dungeon every time a player enters. Whatever the theme of the dungeon is, players must take turns to complete the challenge. There are 200 different pre-programmed dungeons existing to avoid duplication in the game.



This forest inspired RPG game lets you assemble your group of beasts, collect loot, defeat the king and visit taverns. It is a 3-map game with a lot of carcasses. Through the game, you can embark on a journey with Doctor Hoo, Vincent-Van-Goat, Jane Doe, Fat-Boar Slim, Stephen Hawk and Megunn Fox. You can also defeat numerous enemies using epic swords, huge hammers and crossbow wielding bunnies. Use spells and potions to score higher than the other players.

Angel Stone

Angel Stone

Slack and hack through different demonic Legion and save the universe from destruction. Join Angel Stone, the resistance is here where your adventure awaits.

Angel Stone is a slash dungeon crawler and hardcore hack of biblical proportions.

There are numerous classes to choose from namely Gunslinger, Berseker and Shadow Mage. You can explore 60+ missions in a beautifully created 3D world.

Features include full 3D graphics, an immersive and deep multimedia experience, 100 powerful skills to mix depending upon the way you play, choose how you fight using unique controls and a wide array of armor as well as weapons to suit your characters’ outfit.

Exile Gods

Exile Gods

Exiled Gods is an RPG game where you play the lead strategist and can choose from a wide array of skills. You can expel the darkness and command your heroes with destructive skills. There are 200 mythical heroes, each possessing their very own ability. You can create a powerful legion and choose mythical heroes from different parts of the world. With stunning skills, you can dominate the battlefield.

You can play this game for free. In-app purchases are also available.

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