T-Mobile reintroduces the 10GB $120 Family Plan for its customers

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America’s fastest growing carrier, T-Mobile has just announced the 10GB $120 per month (four people) Family Plan, which was briefly stopped by the company some time ago. To avail the benefits of this plan, customers have to sign up for 2 lines at 10GB of data for $50 apiece.

And then the third line will only cost $20 while the fourth line will be offered for free. So overall, you’re getting 40GB of data that can be shared with four people for just $120. Not surprisingly, this is being touted as T-Mobile’s most popular promotions ever.

Customers of this plan will also be able to make calls to and from Mexico or Canada, which is a nice perk to have. This plan has the potential to rake in a lot of subscribers, which explains why T-Mobile is making this a limited period promotion.

You can grab further details about this plan from the link below.

Source: T-Mobile

Via: Techno Buffalo

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