Samsung supposedly preparing a new dual-camera setup by the end of 2014

Samsung Dual Camera

#Samsung has come a long way in the camera optics department and has made some serious inroads as is evident from the sensors we saw on the #GalaxyS6 and the #GalaxyS6edge. A new report is now claiming that the company is preparing to develop a new dual-camera module before the end of 2014, possibly to test it out in a prototype.

The report however goes on to mention that this camera will not be used in the upcoming Galaxy S7 flagship. We’re guessing the camera sensor will be reserved for the late 2016 Samsung flagship (Galaxy Note 6?).

It’s good to see that Samsung is not putting a halt to innovation after achieving excellence. This goes to show that the company wants to achieve a lot more in the mobile industry. While sales might be on the lower side due to the advent of rival Android OEMs and Apple’s iPhones, there’s no denying that manufacturers like Samsung and LG are currently on the forefront of innovation.

Would you welcome a dual camera like arrangement on a future Samsung flagship?

Source: ET News

Via: Phone Arena