Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Tutorial: How to Manage Battery Consumption with Smart Manager App

While Samsung has claimed they gave the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (#Samsung #GalaxyS6EdgePlus) the long battery life you need, it’s not a guarantee that you can’t run out of battery power in no time, especially if some apps misbehave and consume as much power from your device.


In cases where you’re phone’s battery is draining so quick, a thorough check would be necessary for you to learn what measures applicable to rectify it. One of the tools you can use to effectively manage battery life on your Galaxy S6 Edge Plus the Smart Manager application. Read on to learn more about this feature and make the most of your phone’s battery.

What is Smart Manager?

It’s an application used to get an overview of your phone’s battery status, internal memory, storage, and system security. This app integrates a quick optimization feature, allowing you to automatically optimize your phone with a single tap of your finger. Below are the uses of Smart Manager app on your Galaxy S6 Edge Plus:

  • to identify apps that use too much battery power.
  • to remove unimportant files that affect battery consumption.
  • to delete unwanted files and close apps unused apps running in the background.
  • to scan for malware and phishing attacks.

How to use Smart Manager on your Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Existing owners of Galaxy devices may deem this a no-brainer reference but for the sake of those who are still trying to learn on Android interface, we purposely demonstrate the process. You can refer to this guide, if necessary.

  1. Touch Apps from the Home screen.
  2. Touch Smart Manager to open the application.
  • On the Smart Manager main screen you can see four main features for you to manage, including battery, storage, RAM, and device security.
  1. Touch to select a feature you want to check or optimize.
  • To proceed with this guide, select Battery so you can check the remaining battery power and time to use your phone.


  • The usage time left displays the remaining time before your phone runs out of battery power.
  • The estimated usage time may vary depending on your settings, usage pattern, surrounding environment, and actual usage of your phone.
  1. To conserve battery power, you can activate power saving features or ultra power saving feature, especially if your phone has low battery levels. Simply tap to enable any of the power saving features you prefer to use when needed.
  2. To learn if some apps are consuming excessive amount of battery power, touch “Abnormal battery usage,” and Smart Manager will provide you with pertinent details.
  3. To check battery usage by each processor, touch the Battery Usage button.
  4. Tap each processor to access its detail page.
  • To continue with this guide, tap Screen.
  1. View the details on battery usage and touch the Back key to get back to the main menu of the Smart Manager when you’re done reviewing all important details.
  2. On them main menu, touch Storage to view storage details such as memory space, status of used and available memory capacity, and unnecessary data on your phone.
  3. Touch Detail to view more details on your phone’s memory space.
  4. To free up more storage space, delete unnecessary data such as residual, cached, and advertisement files. Just touch the Delete button.
  • The next screen will show you the size of storage space that has been cleared.
  1. Touch the Back key to get back to the previous screen.
  2. You may also delete any unused files and uninstall apps that are no longer used from your device to free up more storage space. To do so, tap the Detail button.
  3. Touch the user data type you want to delete. Among the available file types include Images, Videos, Audio, Applications, and Documents.
  4. After you’re done deleting unwanted files, tap the Back key to return to the Smart Manager main screen.
  5. From the main menu, touch the RAM menu to view available RAM on your device.
  6. Read and review more details including used RAM usage of all running apps.
  • To reduce the amount of RAM you are using and speed up your device, close any unused background apps by tapping the END button next to the app.
  1. Tap the Back key to get back to the Smart Manager main menu.
  2. Now, touch the Device security menu to check your phone’s security status.
  • Device security is a feature used to scan your phone for malware and blocks phishing attacks and malicious websites.
  1. Touch Scan Device, to manually scan your device.
  2. Wait until the scanning process is completed. It may take a few seconds to finish.
  3. Tap the Back key to go back to the previous screen when done scanning.
  • To automatically optimize your phone with a single tap of your finger, touch the Clean All button.

Answers to Smart Manager FAQs with Galaxy S6 Edge+

Why is the battery remaining time not shown immediately after booting my phone?

Some new owners of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ claimed that the battery remaining time on Smart Manager is not displayed. This is normal because Smart Manager application requires the battery consumption pattern analysis for it to calculate the remaining time. Moreover, the usage time remaining is estimated based on your usage pattern for a few days. This means you’ve got to spend a few more hours or a day from the first booting for the application to be able to do the calculation. So let your phone work for at least a day and check the remaining time again and Smart Manager should already give you the battery remaining time details.

How is battery remaining time calculated with Smart Manager?

The battery consumption pattern is periodically analyzed with Smart Manager. The application will look into your usage pattern for a few days and then estimates the usage time remaining. Results may vary depending on your phone settings and operating conditions.

Calculation of the battery remaining time is based on your accumulated battery consumption pattern. The remaining time may vary even when the battery charged level is the same. Typically, Smart Manager may not be able to give you enough data on the accumulated pattern if you’ve only used your phone for a few days. As recommended, check your battery consumption after a week or more to get more accurate remaining time results. The battery remaining time can be updated by device usage pattern.

Will the battery remaining time change after charging my phone?

Yes, the remaining time will be updated you charge your phone in order to reflect the charged battery capacity.

Will the battery remaining time change when using my phone in Power saving mode?

To reflect the status of your phone, the battery remaining time will normally increase with power saving or ultra power saving mode enabled. But once you get back to normal or default mode, the remaining time will decrease.

Why is the actual remaining charge time different from the charging time on screen?

There are several factors that would affect the actual remaining charge, making it differ from the charging time on screen. Common factors include your phone’s condition or charging conditions, like when applications are running in the background, or when the battery is degraded. Battery charging time usually takes longer with these conditions. This is the reason why the actual charging time may differ between devices even if the battery capacity on your devices is similar.

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