Samsung Galaxy S5 Missing Pictures in microSD Card & Other Related Problems

The ability to expand a smartphone storage space is one advantage most Android users have been enjoying for quite some time now. This comes in handy if the internal storage space of the device is running low and you still have lots of music and video files to store. All you need to do is get a microSD card and you’re all set.

Samsung Galaxy S5

The #Samsung Galaxy #S5 for example is sold in the 16GB and 32GB version. If the storage space runs out then its owner can just insert a microSD card (up to 128GB) to expand the storage capability of the device.

While there are a lot of advantages in using a microSD card on disadvantage to this is that if it becomes corrupt you won’t be able to access the data stored in it.

In this latest installment of our focused troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy S5 missing pictures in microSD card & other related issues.

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S5 Missing Pictures In microSD Card

Problem: I got a 64GB Samsung EVO micro SD card. I’ve had for a few months. I’ve never had an issue with it. Until last week I went to get a picture from my gallery and none of my pictures were there. Literally all gone. So i turned my phone on and off. And checked again, they were there. So j didn’t Think much about it. But now it’s happened again. But I can’t get my pictures to show up. I even tried the adapter and tries to open them on my laptop computer. Nothing doesn’t even register. I have over 350 pictures and documents on there. It’s vital I get them copied if nothing else. PLEASE HELP ME!

Solution: You did a good job in checking the card with the computer. Since your computer can’t seem to read the card try to use a different adapter since the one you are using right now may be defective.

On the phone side try taking out the battery then press and hold the power button for at least a minute. We need to do this to clear out your phone RAM which if it contains some corrupt temporary data may cause this issue.

Reinsert your phone battery and the microSD card then start your phone in Safe Mode. In this mode only the pre-installed apps are loaded making it easier to pinpoint if the problem is caused by some downloaded app.

Go to your Gallery or file manager then check if the photos are still present in the card.

If you still can’t access the photos then take out your microSD card and try to let another computer read it.

In case all of the troubleshooting steps listed above fails then the card may already be corrupt. You can try using some data recovery programs available for Windows computers to recover the pictures stored in the card however this won’t work unless your computer recognizes the microSD card.

If you have activated the cloud backup feature of the Google Photos app in your phone then the photos can still be accessed by opening the Photos app.

S5 SD Card Is Blank Or Has Unsupported File System Error

Problem: I bought a Sandisk sd card and it was working fine then I noticed that some of the pictures in my gallery were black with exclamation points on them. From that point forward, all the pictures and videos were not saving. I purchased a Samsung sd card and that was working fine for about a month and then it gave me a message saying, “SD card is blank or has unsupported file system.” I went to Verizon and they tried putting the sd card in another device and it said the same thing so they told me it must be the card. Since I had purchased them both on Ebay, I thought maybe that was the case. I purchased a third sd card (Samsung), this time not from Ebay and again after about a month or so it gave me the same message.

Solution: There may be some app or data in your phone that is causing the card to be corrupted. Try taking out the microSD card from your phone and format it using a computer. You will need an adapter or SD card reader to do this procedure. If the card can be formatted then this problem may be caused by your phone.

I suggest you backup your phone data then do a factory reset. Reinstall the microSD card then check if the issue still occurs.

If however the microSD card can’t be formatted by your computer then you may have bought a defective card.

S5 Not Reading Data Stored In microSD Card

Problem: My rooted Galaxy S5 with a 128gb Samsung SD card was working fine for the past 6 mo. After using the Kitkat SD card patch, the phone had no problem using or recognizing the SD card. All my apps and files that can be moved to the SD card were placed in the  SD card. The SD card was only 45% full. Last night while Using Tubemate to search YouTube, my phone became sluggish then froze up. Pressing the power button had no effect so I had to remove the battery to get the phone to reboot. After rebooting,    all the widgets with apps that were on the sd card showed Android SD icons. Checking settings Storage, shows that the SD card is still 45% full. I tried unmounting the sd card and remounting it, but it still can’t read any data on the card. All the data is readable on my PC, so I know the SD card is fine. How do I get my rooted Galaxy S5 kitkat 4.4.2 to recognize and read the SD card? All the data on the card is still there, just not recognized by the phone. Thanks

Solution: The good thing about this problem is that the data stored in the microSD card can still be read by your computer. Since this appears to be a phone related issue you should first try wiping the cache partition of your phone. This takes out the temporary data stored in your device which sometimes if corrupt can cause this problem.

You should also check if an app installed in your phone is causing this issue. To do this you need to start your phone in Safe Mode. If you can access your microSD card in this mode then the issue may be caused by an app. Do you remember the last app you installed prior to this problem occurring? That app may be causing the problem. Find out what app this is and uninstall it.

If however you still can’t access the microSD card even in Safe Mode then I suggest you backup your phone data then do a factory reset.

S5 Can’t Write To microSD Card

Problem: Will not write to extSdCard. Always said that current system is not allowed to write. My operating system is 5.0. I have Samsung sm-g900v. Thanks

Solution: Take out your microSD card and have your computer read it. You need an adapter or microSD card reader to do this. Once your computer recognizes the card try copying a file to it. Any file will do such as a document or a music file. If you can’t copy a file then the card is most likely corrupt. If you have any data stored in this card then copy it to your computer. Once you have finished copying the data proceed with formatting the card. Reinsert the card back to your phone afterwards.

If however you can copy a file to the microSD card then the problem may be with your phone.

Try wiping the cache partition of your phone then reinsert the microSD card. If you are still unable to write data on the card then proceed with backing up your phone data then do a factory reset.

S5 Can’t Format microSD Card

Problem: I can not format the sd memory card in my phone  I currently have Samsung s5 . even though I’ve done it in my phone – my phone will still not format the sd card.  Kind regards

Solution: Turn off your phone then take out the battery and microSD card. Press and hold the power button for a minute to discharge your phone circuit and clear out the RAM. Reinsert the battery and the microSD card then turn on your phone. Check if you can now format the card. If you still can’t format the card then wipe the cache partition of your phone and attempt another format.

If you still can’t format the card then take out the microSD card and connect it to your computer. You will need an adapter or microSD card reader to do this. Format the card using your computer. If your computer can’t format the card then the card is most likely defective.

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